Reed Roams Durham

 We were so excited to finally meet up with little Reed and his family this past Sunday.  We’ve been attempting a session for months, but rain and tricky schedules held us back…until now!  I think it was meant to be, ‘cause I’m loving the photos we got around town. :)

Reed, looking deep in thoughtIMG_5872web.jpg

He was fascinated by the grates he was walking on here. Lots to see down below :) 


 Checking out the Durham Bulls ball park


 You’d think we posed him, wouldn’t you? :)


 Reed was putting his pennies in his pocket as we headed up to the fountain outside the DPAC. Love that first shot with hand-in-pocket! :)

reed coin pocket.jpg

 Reed was a “nice monster,” chasing Jordan and I around the fountain and across the street!


 Again, we didn’t pose him, but look at that face and stance!  He’s a natural, Miranda…when he wants to be. :)


 Building with a little pile of rocks :)


 I absolutely love this…I think it’s the look


rockin’ the lookback


 this photo makes me smile :)


 Reed has a great eye for photography already!  These last two were taken by him, on Mindy’s camera.  Cute mom & dad shot, and he got Jordan, too! :)

reed's photos.jpg

Lots more cute shots with the whole bunch! :)

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