Babysitting Session with the Beacham girls!

This idea has been in our minds for quite some time, but we are now putting a bit more emphasis on the availability.  Babysitting sessions…what does this mean, you ask?  It means we hang out with your kiddo for a couple of hours, and grab as many photos of them as possible while we’re out having fun!  Perfect for getting shots of just the little ones, while giving you a bit of time to yourself. 

For this session, Tyler & Gunter’s wonderful mommy wanted to be surprised…she knew very little about where we were going or what we were doing.  The anticipation and excitement has been so great, for us and for her!  So, here is a very small sneak peek.  A few from lunch, and a few from our other roamings about town. :)

Goodness gracious, this girl is gorgeous!



Gunnie and her blankie…love the blues on these girls.


Love the silly face!! Tyler’s is posted on our facebook page (and there may be a few more added to the full gallery). :)


Ty and Gunnie, hugging and blowing kisses


We mentioned doughnuts, and the girls shouted “Dunkin Donuts!!”  We said Krispy Kreme, hoping the doughnut belt would be going and the “hot now” sign would be on.  No such luck, but we still grabbed a couple of cute shots. :)


Oh, Christmas tree…


 This is the typical sister hug with these two :)


 LOVE this shot of Gunnie…we didn’t go out to the beach, but roamed the boardwalk which led us here.  Had to grab a shot of her running in the sand.


  More on the way soon. Love and hugs to the Beacham girls and their family!!


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