Baby Landis

We’ve been waiting to meet this little guy for what seems like forever!  My beautiful, wonderfully creative best friend from high school, and her awesome sweet hubby, have made one gorgeous babe.  And Landis (a combination of their names, Lane & Candice) looks exactly like his dad did as a babe.  Wish I’d taken a photo of that photo to show you more photos of photos…I just got lost in a “Pictures of People taking Pictures” by Jack Johnson kind-of-way.  :) Enough of that, on to the photos!

Nothing like lying under your favorite tree in the afternoon :)


 He loves to suck on his fingers & hands



 This is one lucky babe, just look at those happy parents. :)

JAM_7110 copy.web.jpg

 A little bit of nakie baby time on mom & dad’s big comfy bed :)

JAM_2682 copy.web.jpg

 This is one of my favorite babe photos of ours…of all time :)

JAM_2689 copy.web_.jpg

 Curly little toes

JAM_2718 copy.web.jpg

 Getting lost in the blanket and pillows

JAM_7270 copy.web.jpg

JAM_2712 copy.web.jpg

 Hello toes!

JAM_7267 copy.web.jpg

 Love that curious look…as if he’s thinking, “Who are these people, and what are those giant black things in front of their faces that keep clicking at me?” :)

JAM_7278-2 copy.web.jpg

 So sweet!

JAM_7290 copy.web.jpg



JAM_2740 copy.web.jpg

JAM_7331 copy.web.jpg

 Those are some awesome spit bubbles, lil mann :)


JAM_7357 copy.web.jpg

JAM_2772 copy.web.jpg

Love you guys, it was so great to see you all settled in your gorgeous new home (still can’t get over the light in there!) with your beautiful baby boy.  More to come ASAP. :)


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