Infected Skateboards, Inc.

One of our favorite sessions ever!  We met Lisa and her two boys in Arlington, VA on a gorgeous October morning. Jordan and I had driven up the night before in some ridiculous rain, but knew it would be clear the next day, and that we’d have some serious fun shooting at a skatepark!  

Gabriel & Julian are all skateboarding, all the time.  So, Lisa decided to start a company that is now selling markers for designing your own deck.  We loved their designs, and we loved stalking them with our cameras all over the park.  And you know we had to grab some family shots when dad showed up. Now onto the photos!

 These are their own designs, done with the markers they’re selling.  The Infected logo looks awesome on the red board!


A few day-of details

sk8 web.jpg I love this shot


Love Jule’s blue glasses (though they stayed on literally for about two shots) :)

sk8 web2.jpg

Chillin in the shade (this is my paparazzi style shot)


I giggle at this every time, love it!


Gabe jumping 4 stacked


Logo representin’


Jordan’s favorite sun shot of Gabe


Had to get a shot of those eyes!


Love these boys!


cute :)


One of Mindy’s favorite shots of the day. Love it!!


And of course, a perfect set of smiley family shots.  To me, this is the ultimate family photo. :)

sk8 web3.jpg

Thank you all for letting us take non-stop photos of you…we’ll be back for more, maybe early next year? :)

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