Baby Miriam & family

We would like to thank you all for welcoming us into your home so early on a Monday morning!  Jordan and I grabbed some shots together before he had to head off and teach some little ones.  Then I met Miriam, Charity, & Jeff at Duke Gardens for some outdoor photos.  Here’s a peek at what we got!


 tosies on a cozy blanket!

IMG_8141 copy.web.jpg

why hello there, pretty girl :) 

IMG_0449 copy.web.jpg

 love the softness here

IMG_0565 copy.web.jpg

 I really love feeding shots. This makes me want to do more serious lifestyle photography, where we’d basically follow a family around for the day, snapping photos of everyday practices. We like to keep it real. :)


IMG_0641 copy.web.jpg

 such a tender moment here

IMG_0660 copy.web.jpg

 surrounded by kisses!

IMG_0718 copy.web.jpg

 We did get one little smile here, Charity! :)

IMG_0735 copy.web.jpg

 Jordan snuck a shot of their kitty behind the couch, and I fell quite in love with this black and white conversion.


 lots of color at Duke Gardens

IMG_0817 copy.web.jpg

 my favorite black & white family shot, so far

IMG_0960 copy.web.jpg

IMG_0918 copy.web.jpg

IMG_1018 copy.web.jpg

IMG_1053 copy.web.jpg

 These last two are my favorite color shots of the day. Love the expression in the first (and the quilt made by a friend, with giraffes!), and the peacefulness in the last shot.

IMG_1160 copyweb.jpg

 I know we wore you out, baby girl, but you still did very well!

IMG_1288 copy.web.jpg

Thank you all again, we’ll be in touch when the rest are ready for you!

~Jordan & Mindy

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