Honeymoon in Italy

The second installment of our “trip to the moon”

We spent all day Friday on trains, riding from Paris to Lake Como, in Italy.  We left Paris at 9am, and were scheduled to arrive at Lake Como around 7pm.  No worries, we were traveling through the gorgeous Alps on cozy trains. 

 A single shot by Jordan on the train. His turn to get my ring. :) We were too busy staring at the Alps to take photos, I suppose.


When we got to the Milan train station and asked which train would take us to Varenna, we were mistakenly directed to an express train. This is a map of the lake (photographed when we actually arrived at 9:05), with Jordan pointing to the spot where we were supposed to arrive, Varenna.  We were to then take a ferry boat across the lake to Bellagio, where our hotel was located.


However, the express train went all the way to the top of the lake.  Big oops.  Now we were stuck, with no idea which train would take us back to the “wishbone center” of the lake.  It was dark, pouring rain, and we were so tired and hungry. Thankfully, a nice Italian man heard us discussing what to do, and spoke to the conductor.  We hopped off and were told that the next train, (arriving in about 20 minutes) would take us to Varenna.  


We got on the correct train, got off in Varenna, and walked in the rain down the hill, to the ferry stop by the lake.  Just in time to see the 9:00 ferry heading across the lake.  It was 9:05.  We’d just missed it. Fail.  Jordan was quite sure that the ferry ran until just before midnight, but since this hotel was so nicely lit (and there was no one manning the ferry station), Jordan hopped in to ask about the ferry schedule.  The most typical-looking older Italian woman we’d seen very nicely assured him that there was another ferry, arriving at 10:40.  Oy, over an hour & 1/2 later.


 We hung around outside for a bit, but got very chilly.  I dug some socks out of our luggage to wear with my tiny flats.  Now we were getting very hungry, but it looked like this restaurant was closing soon.  Jordan and I both went in this time, and he says, “My wife is very hungry, can we get some food?”  The first referral to me as his wife made the train confusion, the rain and chills, and hunger all better. :)  The lovely woman kept her kitchen open just for us, as long as we promised to both order a dish.  “I don’t keep my kitchen open for one dish,” she tells us.  So we grab a “Sprite,” as she called it, whose photograph is below.  It was delish, more like Sprite & ginger ale combined. I even brought the bottle home with us. :)


 Spinach & ricotta ravioli for each of us.  Yum.


 Love this sideboard, full of silverware and wine.


 After we finished, we hopped outside with our bellies full to wait on the ferry. Love this window.


 One last couple lingering at the restaurant.


 Rain, rain, and more rain.


 Soon a lady arrived at the ferry station to sell tickets.  We bought our tickets, and then began photographing one of her little doggies, who was roaming in and out of the office at the station.  This is my favorite. :)


 Jordan sees the ferry coming over!!


Finally, we arrive at Hotel Du Loc around 11pm. Yes, we stayed in Du Loc, and even watched Shrek in Italian one night while we were there.  There were no photos of our Paris hotel room, because it was far from photo-worthy.  So, we made up for it in Bellagio.  LOVE this room, and its amazing views.


 We slept with the window open, and this is what we woke to the next morning.  Cloudy, but no rain…so far.


 The view from our little terrace. I so miss this!


 The rain soon returned, along with quite a bit of fog.  This is the rainy view from the hotel’s rooftop terrace.  No one sunning up there today.


 We were going a bit silly with the rain, but were SO happy to be in such a gorgeous, relaxing place.  Rain didn’t stop us from venturing out. :)


 We found a cute antique shop while roaming in the rain, under our double yellow umbrella. 


 Jordan had stayed in Bellagio with friends Tim & Jeffrey a few years ago, and they’d visited this internet cafe/wine bar.  We visited a few times, grabbing some yummy cappuccino and checking email.


 We had lunch, our first pizza and tiramisu.  We shopped a little bit here and there.  Then we headed back to the room to enjoy some rainy views.


 And a bit of bed-jumping. :)


 Jordan had me really craving some carbonara, so back into the rain we went to find it for dinner.  Of course, it took forever to find it on a menu.  After looking at probably 15 places, I talked Jordan into going to “Princess,” since they had it there.  They also had a very large, and very loud, group of American women having a bachelorette party.  Thank goodness they were on the other side in the bar area.  Our side was quite photogenic! 


 More spinach ravioli, this time with red sauce.


 Jordan’s delicious carbonara.  


 Tiramisu for dessert.


 With a delish cappucino. 



We’ll be back with another honeymoon installment very soon…next time with no rain. :)

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