Tyler & family

One of our most fun sessions ever, and not just because it involved a messy cupcake!  Okay, you do remember that I’m a cupcake fiend, right?  Maybe that has something to do with it. :)  But. This family rocked their session, and I will tell you why. It was a completely laid-back, no stress, go-where-we-wanna-go kind of afternoon.  We roamed Chapel Hill & Carrboro, and snapped along the way.  And when we got home, I got to play.  Mom really likes texture and amazing light (much like me), so I did my thing.  And I love love love these images.  It was hard to stop editing, which is always a good sign.  Anyway, onto the photos.  I really hope you all enjoy them as much as we do!

 Tyler. Cutest face ever? Possibly. :)


 “Look at me Dad, I climbed the stairs!” That’s what this look says. :)


 He had his poses down!


 Look at those feet!  I know another little boy who crosses his feet this very same way. :)


 Tyler’s been workin on the railroad…


 Wait a minute…who put that hat up there?


 Little ones are so fascinated by rocks…we could’ve stayed here the entire session and I don’t think he would’ve moved. :)


 Whatcha doin’ up there?


We had a mishap with Mom’s keys falling under the ramp at DSI.  But, my handyman, Jordan, was there to save the day.  So many reasons to love him…he’s so very helpful! I caught a reflection shot while the key rescue was happening. :)


 There’s that mid-crawl pose again.  I love it!


 Oh-so-very cute!


Hmmmm….one meeellion dollars… 


Love this…nice job, Jordan ;) 


 Now for the cupcake…here is the beginning of the end.


 This could be my favorite shot all day, check out the blues on Tyler!  And the orange. :)


 Mmmm, Tyler also loves cupcakes. Most kiddos just lick the icing.  Tyler dug in the entire thing.  That’s my kind of kiddo. :)


I haven’t even gotten into our photos from the beginning of the session, but wanted to give Amanda & Ryan (and Tyler, ‘cause I know he’s been asking) a peek at what we got.  Can’t wait to show you more!!

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