ames and jess jewelry

First of all, head to Ames And Jess’ website and check them out.  They’re two amazing women who create and sell amazing things.

I’ve been thinking a lot about these gorgeous pieces from Ames And Jess, and had to share some of our favorite shots of some of our favorite pieces!  Jordan and I are in major countdown-to-wedding-day mode, as our day is now only four days away.  We’re meeting with Ames & Jess tomorrow evening to pick up my custom wedding necklace, and I am THRILLED to see what they’ve done for us!  There will be plenty of photos of the necklace, be sure of that. :)

We took a few shots of some select pieces from Ames And Jess’ fall collection.  Wanna see?  Yes, you do.  On to the photos!

Before shooting these pieces, we had an initial design consult with Amy (“Ames”) to discuss my custom necklace.  At this meeting she asked if I ever wear yellow gold, to which I basically replied, “No, never ever.”  I later saw the “Dotty Initial” necklace, and immediately retracted that statement.  LOVE it, and the Starburst necklace is also quite snazzy.


These are seriously rockin.  I so wish my ears were pierced so I could wear something like these, the lovely Paradise earrings.  We may have to remedy this non-pierced situation.  Gorgeous!


This is probably my favorite shot of the day.  The Big Island earrings are so much fun, and they really shine with these fall colors!


Ah, the Gunpowder Grey. These pearls are beautiful!


Simple and lovely. Love this “Beach Party” necklace.


This last one is just for me. My birdie was apparently feeling left out of the jewelry party…how could I not add a Dotty Hoop earring? :)


We hope you hop on over to the Ames And Jess site (they’re on facebook too), and check out more of their beautiful pieces.  We provided the homepage photos, and love those to pieces as well!  We know it’s only September, but we’re already thinking holidays…keep these ladies in mind when you’re ready to do some shopping!

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