Dayna & Marcus | Mr. & Mrs. (part one)

I’m going to try to go with little text and more photos here, because that’s how I communicate, and because if I get started talking about how much I love Dana (oops, Dayna, sorry sis but it isn’t legally changed yet, right?) & Marcus, I could roll on for way too long. And we all know you guys are here to see the photos. :)  So please, enjoy the day as seen through our lenses.  We love you both!

Dayna & Marcus were married at Castle McCulloch. The ceremony took place inside the castle, and the reception was held outside on the great hall patio. Visions Catering did a fantastic job with the food and table linens, and were so incredibly helpful throughout the day.  It’s lovely to work with vendors who are considerate of not only the bride & groom, but also the photographers!  The beautiful flowers were created by Boonville Flower & Decor, and the delicious cake (seriously, we took a huge slab home and can’t stop eating it) & decorations were created by Patricia at My Beautiful Wedding.

Dayna and a few of her bridesmaids had their hair done at Select Salons in Elkin, NC.  We filled the place with laughter, and the sound of probably too many clicks of our shutters. But, these girls are too much fun and it’s hard to stop once we get started with them!

The ladies did their own makeup before heading off to the florist to pick up flowers. Dayna and her team (the girls, the guys, some family, and even some of the decorating and catering folks) set up everything themselves. With no planner the timeline was really tight, but everything was done beautifully and almost on time. :)

JAM.Salon girls.jpg

Marcus and the guys were just chill. Jordan got to hang out with them for a bit while they got ready on the lower level of the castle. 


The ladies got ready upstairs, which allowed for a unique bridal entry when they were ready.  We caught Summer, the flower girl, climbing ever-so-carefully to get to the rest of the girls. :)


Dayna’s dress took a bit of lacing, but the girls did a great job!

JAM-4230.web copy.jpg

After the dress was on, the shoes had to be put on as well…which required a bit of balancing as you can see. :)


Here’s a shot of the castle before the guests arrived. Dayna and her bridal party got ready in a room directly above where this was shot. 


 Quick shot of the ladies once everyone was ready. You all are gorgeous! 

JAM-4303 copy.jpg

Marcus and his brother awaiting ceremony time with the minister. 


Dayna, getting ready to round the balcony and head downstairs and up the aisle!

JAM-4353.web copy.jpg

Goodness, isn’t she just gorgeous?

JAM-4380.web copy.jpg

My last glimpse of her from this angle before she started up the aisle.


Dayna and her dad, Randy, who is about to give her away here. :)

JAM-4388 copy.web.jpg

With this ring…


Seal the deal ;) (my view from above)

JAM-4424 copy.jpg

Jordan’s view from down below :)


Mr. & Mrs. Bryant!


Summer had a few flowers to toss around after the ceremony. :)

JAM-4455.web copy.jpg

Heading out for some photos. We’ll continue with their day in our next post!

JAM-4494.web copy.jpg

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