Dayna & Marcus | Mr. & Mrs. (part two)

After the ceremony, we enjoyed a cool, windy day on the castle’s patio.  Enjoy guys, it was a perfect day!

It was a gorgeous day even with the chilly wind. We grabbed a few shots to showcase the surroundings at the castle.

JAM-4945 copy.web.jpg


Signs of spring: geese & little green buds!


We enjoyed the sunshine when the clouds let it shine on us, and got as many shots as we could while it was hiding!

JAM-4666 copy.web.jpg

We got some great shots of Summer, the flower girl, in our previous post. This is my favorite shot of the ring bearer, Major. Love that serious look from him. :)

JAM-4678 copy.web.jpg

Summer playing peek-a-boo behind Major. Too cute not to capture. :)

JAM-4700 copy.web.jpg

Dayna & Marcus with their girls, Katelyn & Summer.


Love the pink mixed with the “mermaid” color of the girls’ dresses.


Such a sweet first dance


I mean really, do you think these two love each other? It’s a little obvious. :)

Dayna, I love that you had Marcus’ jacket on during the bouquet toss. It is adorable on you. :)

JAM.bouquet toss.jpg

Marcus rubber-band-flipped that garter!


Cutting a piece of delicious cake. I’m convinced there’s nothing better than wedding cake, especially with thick buttercream. Dayna said no messy cake eating, so we went with clean cake cutting shots. ;)


I’m slightly obsessed with detail shots. I had fun stealing the rings and bouquet for a bit. ;)


Dayna & Marcus really wanted to do a first look, but with an early ceremony and a tight timeline, we decided to do their shots at the end of the reception. They were total troopers, though I know they were tired and ready to head to Charlotte. Photos of the two of them were top priority, and I think they rocked it.


Dayna & Marcus drove to Charlotte after their photos, as they were leaving from the airport there the next morning for Jamaica! Dayna chose to wear her dress until they arrived at their hotel so Marcus could carry her through the door like this. Love it. :)


Doesn’t he look like he’s aching to be near her?!


Cuddly and oh-so-sweet!


Can I just gush for a moment over how I love this black and white? We saved it in color, too, because we love it that much. Gah! Dayna, you are so gorgeous!


Who doesn’t want to do a little twirl in the woods? :)


See? Gorgeous. She’s a knockout.


Does the following photo even need a caption? Just this: GORGEOUS

JAM-4755 copy.web.jpg

Never enough kisses :)


Love this series on the stairs





I just want to point out, whenever couples ask us if we’ll pose them, this is what we refer to. We’ll give you a little bit of direction on where to sit and face, and maybe pose you a little in the beginning until that awkward “I’m in front of the camera, what do I do?” feeling goes away.  Eventually we back away a bit and have our couples just interact…talk, cuddle, smooch, be in love.  All of these shots, even this last one, were those kind of shots.  See how this last one looks posed? They did that themselves, and I just composed and snapped.  That’s how we roll, and this is what comes from that. And I love them all. 

JAM-4652 copy.web.jpg

Dayna & Marcus, we hope you’re having an amazing honeymoon in Jamaica (mon).  Lots of love and hugs to you. You’re husband and wife!  We hope you enjoy your hubby & wife photos. :)


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