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I’ll preface this beauty-filled post by saying that this is not a typical wedding shoot for us.  Angie & Jordan contacted us with an interesting request, and after hearing their story, my Jordan and I knew we wanted to find a creative solution for them.  See, they knew a few people who were interested in doing wedding photos for them.  And while they were happy to allow those folks to grab the majority of the photos, they wanted at least some part of their day photographed professionally.  Initially Angie suggested having us come in and just shoot the ceremony.  But after hearing about the first look option, she & Jordan decided that would be the perfect moment for us to photograph.

Okay now, are you ready for some beautiful people?  Angie & Jordan were married at their home, in their gorgeous back yard with spring green grass and flowers all around!   Their relationship bloomed while working on houses together with Habitat for Humanity, restoring many of the houses on their very street.  We love that they made their day so personal to them.  When Angie told me this, I told (my) Jordan, “We have to work with this couple, I love them already!” :)

 Angie, getting ready to see her groom for the first time.


Jordan, waiting to see his soon-to-be wife. :)


This moment is the best thing to photograph!




Jordan & I shot from different angles, to get reactions from both Angie & Jordan. Love the look on Jordan’s face here! (that was a lot of “Jordans”)




You two are spectacularly sweet, really.  You made our jobs incredibly easy! 




They were married right here, in their own back yard.

JAM-5512 copy.web.jpg

JAM-5509 copy.web.jpg


Of course we had to include some shots of them on the front porch. Love the tiptoes hug here. :)JAM-5527 copy.web.jpg

Here’s Jordan’s view. For those of you who know that I refer to Jordan as my “paparazzi” (he gets sneaky shots from the inside of trees and behind bushes), he was on a giant ladder on the side of the house here.  Perfect spot for the paparazzi. :)


We worried (but not aloud) about the threat of rain/thunderstorms.  But, it was a beautiful evening!

JAM-5534 copy.web.jpg


Since these two live right beside Golden Belt, we hopped over there for a few shots before the ceremony.



Love that I snapped this in time to get the gallery sign in there!JAM-5586 copy.web.jpg

Oh my goodness. I don’t know how many times I told them they were gorgeous/pretty/beautiful. But seriously? Love looks good on you two. :)JAM-5600.web.jpg

JAM-5603 copy.web.jpg




JAM-5646 copy.web.jpg

We hope you two are having an amazing time on your honeymoon.  We have the rest of your photos ready to show you when you get back!  It was a wonderful evening. Huge congrats to you!


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