Italy, you are missed.

We just ordered a heap of float wraps with images from our honeymoon, and I admit, all of them are Italian landscapes and us roaming the place.  Can’t wait to get those beauties on our bedroom wall!  While ordering, I realized I’d prepped these images for a final honeymoon post, but never posted them.  Here they are, showcasing the Lake Como region’s beauty, and of course, our silliness.

I do miss this view from our lakefront room! 


This was our final breakfast in Bellagio. It was nice to have scrambled eggs, bacon, pound cake and OJ every morning. :)


Jordan very, very much dislikes having long fingernails. He forgot to clip them before our 8-day honeymoon, and they were driving him insane at the end of our trip. I found it amusing, of course. :) 


One more shot from the rooftop garden of our hotel.  Everyone….*sigh* 


See the row of sunning chairs below?  We bravely (or, crazily) rested the camera on the top of one to get this quick shot.  Our camera is heavy enough to lower the top of the chair…we had to be quick! 


Goodbye, dear and lovely Hotel Du Lac 


On the very windy ferry to Varenna. Jordan’s hamming it up, as usual. :) 


One more cone of gelato for each of us. Loved this spot so much! 


I grabbed chocolate and hazelnut. It didn’t last long. :) 


Beautiful Varenna. Next time we’ll have to spend more time here, across the lake.  


That is one handsome hubby! 


He thinks I’m funny, see? :) 


Why hello there sir.  


We did a couple of excited jumping shots. I did mine in front of this lovely yellow wall (love), and love that it has the 10 since our trip was in 2010. :) 

IMG_1721 copy.jpg

IMG_1722 copy.jpg

Jordan! Quite some ups you’ve got there, love. :) 


Ah yeah 


Doors of the tiny Italians. We had fun creating stories about who may live behind these doors.  The imagination of a 4-year-old is in that head, no doubt. 


Waiting for the train to take us back to Milan. We had one more night to stay there before flying to London for our flight home. Also, let me brag on us for a sec..see that red suitcase?  That was our suitcase.  That, the camera bag and a rolly computer bag (sans computer) is all we brought for both of us.  and we still had room to bring home some art and souvenirs.  I’m proud. :)


Jordie and some sun flare, at our hotel in Milan (I believe it was still Milan…or just outside) 


This was a much newer, more modern hotel, which was still being finished as you can see. 


This building was in the parking lot of our hotel.  Literally, just chilling there. Who knows how old it is, and I was immediately fascinated.  And really disappointed when Jordan shot down my idea of roaming around there.  Something about being nervous about trespassing internationally, not knowing the consequences, yada yada.  But imagine all the cool stuff in there!


This shattered and overgrown window caught my attention immediately.  I wanted to do a mini photo shoot around the building. Nevermind that I didn’t even bring a hair dryer to tame my crazy wavy hair. ;) 


We got excited about the sunlight. :) 


Sunshiny us :)


If you have the chance, may I suggest business/first class for any lengthy flight.  We were fortunate enough to fly over and back in business class, thanks to Jordan’s Pops & his wife Dawnie.  As a wedding gift, they donated their points/miles/whatever they’re officially called to make sure we traveled comfortably. Fully reclining seats, tons of foot room, our own personal screens with fancy Bose noise-canceling headphones (which Jordan loves but they killed my ears), and even a Ben & Jerry’s sundae bar at the end! 


I enjoyed gobs of chocolate sauce, nuts, and whipped cream, Jordan was happy with his raspberries & cream.  What a way to travel. :)


We cannot wait to get back to Italy in a few years.  Everything, and I mean everything was gorgeous.  Right now we’re focusing on our next big trip though: Maui, November 2012.  The investigating has begun. :)

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