little Charlie & family

Some of you may remember one of our first tiny clients, who was so lovingly referred to as “tiny dancer” or “dancing baby.” Well, dancing baby is growing quickly, and now has a baby brother, Charlie!  We love this family dearly, and cannot wait to watch these boys grow together. :)  Enjoy a little sneak peek into their session!

Kisses from big brother

JAM-0824 copy.jpg

While we waited for baby brother to finish eating, Archer showed us his jack-in-the-box (or is it, rabbit in the box?).  We have one in a sock monkey version, and always get the same reaction in our little studio.  Love that scrunchy-nose laugh!


We love Charlie’s electric hair! His brother had the same style as a babe. :)

JAM-0846 copy.jpg

This is Mindy’s favorite spot. Love the green sofas and the mirrors.

JAM-0903 copy.jpg

So very sweet!


We just wouldn’t be JAM without using those mirrors.  Especially since we did a mirror shot of big brother.

JAM-0812-2 copy.jpg


JAM-0934 copy.jpg

Adorable button!

JAM-1025 copy.jpg

Charlie, it was so lovely to meet you!


Here’s the famous “tiny dancer” shot of Archer from almost two years ago.  No resemblance at all, right? :)


We cannot wait to see you all again this summer.  I can only imagine how big little Charlie will be by then.  Hugs to you!


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