happy valentine's day!

We love Valentine’s Day.  If nothing else, it’s an excuse to get fancied up and have a nice dinner out.  And it’s one more excuse to indulge in something sweet to eat.  Today I made Jordan some super-fudgy-on-the inside, slightly crispy on the outside brownies.  Perfect for us both (he loves gooey, I love crunchy).  I followed a Tasty Kitchen recipe found here, but went easy on the sea salt since these are for Jordie.  I also added a splash of Amaretto, and will probably add a bigger splash next time these are made. Yum. :) Here are a few quick photos of the finished product, powder sugar included. Oh, and the adorable boxes I found here, printed at home, and taped together.  With a little wax paper lining the inside, I fit 2-3 brownie bites inside each box.  So cute!

 I cut the brownies after they cooled for an hour (the recipe calls for refrigerating them til they’re firm, but I did no such thing)


See how gooey?  Jordan was a big fan :)


I used my sifter to sprinkle some powdered sugar on top.  Love the sugar bokeh!


All snug in their treat boxes, these were some attractive brownies!


A little sneak peek from the side


Love the birdie!  I also printed birdie flags and attached them to toothpicks.  I then put all six of these little boxes (yep, I printed, cut & taped six of them) inside a bigger box, and taped Jordan’s card on top.  Then stuck the toothpicks in the top of the box.  Super cute.  Should’ve taken a photo of that too, but I had to rush and bring them to Jordan at work! 


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