A Mini Mig Sneak Peek

This post needs to be longer than this, because these photos (and the people in them) are definitely worthy.  But, we just got a call from our dear friends inviting us to see their new baby boy!  So, I’m posting a very small few for this family to see today, and can’t wait to work on more of them in the AM.  Hope you ladies enjoy!

 Here’s my favorite of Kit - she was just lovely, and so fun!


Gorgeous Mariah, in the same spot as above :)

JAM-1142 web.copy.jpg

You three were wonderful, and we’re loving this shot!


Saved my favorite for last.  More to come soon! 

JAM-1168 copyweb.jpg


PS - Mariah, we did get some great smiley shots of you.  But these needed my immediate editing attention.  You rocked it, girl :)

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