Arriving soon: Baby Zachary

Two of our very best friends, Jeffrey & Christina, are expecting their first little one in just a few weeks!  Christina’s baby shower was in December, and all of us were surprised at how much snow came down during that adorable shower.  Baby clothes, cake, and snow…doesn’t get much better. :)

I somehow managed to get out of the house without grabbing my camera (eek!), but another very best friend, Monica, was willing to let me steal some shots with hers.  Just a quick few in the snow…it was freezing out there!

 Talk about glowing! Christina is a gorgeous mama. :)


 One serious, one not-so.  Love it. :)

belly duo.web.jpg

 Cute shot of the mom & dad!


 Close-up of Christina with snowy hair. Love it!


You’re sure to see plenty of shots of baby Z when he’s out and about.  :)

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