"And we're the three best friends that anyone could have"

Hannah, Claudia, & Mara met us on a chilly but beautiful morning, coffee in hand and lots of laughter right from the start. I mean, they were willing (thanks to Mara) to do shots in a port-a-potty/john/whatever you like to call it, so of course we had a blast! :)  They wanted some shots that document their long-standing friendship, and here you’ll find a peek at what we got.  We absolutely love how they turned out!  Oh, and I should mention that I tried to keep myself from using this title.  I just couldn’t help myself. :) 

 Enjoying some coffee in the sunshine



 This was totally Mara’s idea….and we so went for it :)


 This is hilarious! 


 This is a pretty good representation of our morning. :)


 Love the hugs shot!


For some reason we’re fascinated with crosswalk shots.  Of course we can’t help but think of Abbey Road, adding our own spin to the idea.  Here’s Jordan’s shot, which I love. :)

JAM-0346 copy.web.jpg



No no, we did not say strike a pose. This is all natural drama and vogue here. :)


The ever-popular makeshift window seat. It’s a perfect spot to chill and chat. :) 


Yes, it’s been said that I have a fascination with feet shots. It’s true.  There’s something so telling about them, and I love this one with their bags casually set to the side.  It was an immediate favorite. :)  


We try not to do too many cheesy posed shots, but because I’m a sucker for a high angle we suggested this one.  Love it!  


Thank you ladies for roaming with us.  Can’t wait to email you with the rest!


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