Reminiscing and Missing

Jordan and I have seen so many changes in our lives over the past year.  Some wonderful (our wedding, honeymoon, and new home), some bittersweet (leaving my nanny job to do photography full time), and some that are awfully sad (losing loved ones).  In this post the loved ones are doggies. Eventually, there will be a full post tribute to Jordan’s late grandmother, Junie.  There’s a lot to say about that lady, and we’ll eventually be able to share much of it.  Just not quite yet.

Today a fiercely loved doggy by the name of Oscar (aka Oscy) is pain free and resting in peace.  He was a sweet ol’ pup, and we’ll miss him terribly. Pops & Dawnie, we’re thinking of y’all especially today.  I’ve never seen such devoted pet parents in my life.  Well, not just pet parents.  You guys are amazing all around, truly.

We grabbed a few shots of Oscy in August last year while house sitting for Pops & Dawn.


Yes, I am going for a walk. If you can’t keep up, I stick my tongue out at you.” That’s what he said.


Relaxing in a cozy spot 


No better place for a doggy nap than here :) 


Here’s an older shot of Jordan and his Pops, walking the pups up the driveway. 


Thinking about Oscar led me to thinking about Davis.  Jackson and Camryn’s doggy was so patient with them, and so protective.  He’s no longer with us either, and when Jax & Cam were here last, Camryn told me, “Davis went bye bye.”  I nearly cried my eyeballs out right there.  We’ll miss you too, Davis. 

_MG_3966 copy.jpg

 He loved to play in the little pool with Jackson, especially when Jackson splashed him. :)

Jackson&Davis 001 web.jpg

After Camryn’s first birthday cupcake, she and Davis both tried to clean up the fallen icing from the deck.  I used to call him the Hagens’ vacuum. :) 

_MG_3865 copy.jpg

The sprinkler was just as fun as the pool.  

_MG_2717 copy.jpg

Jackson and Camryn are two of the most loving kiddos I know.  See what I mean? 

IMG_3679 copy.jpg

And of course, thinking about Davis (and seeing the last photo of Cam’s piggies), made me think of how much I miss those kiddos (and Tyler, who I nannied for before these two, though I need to work to dig up some archived photos of when she was tiny).   


Seeing these photos makes me just ache for spring time!  Cam was so careful with this little caterpillar. :)

IMG_0639 copy.jpg

Jackson and a dandy, outside at the Museum of Life & Science.  It feels like forever since our last museum trip.


 One of the last days I was with them, Jordan and I took Cam out to do some field photos.  She was loving this umbrella, once she finally got it open. :)

IMG_3278 copy.jpg


IMG_3178 copy.jpg



One of my favorite shots of these two:  

IMG_1043 copy.jpg

Another favorite, this one taken inside Local Yogurt. And now I need a Lo-Yo fix! :) 


Found! Here’s a shot of Tyler, from one of the very first days I was with her. I absolutely loved those jeans and socks!

IMG_6866 copy.jpg

And one of Ty Ty from November of last year.  She is so grown, and so gorgeous!  And still wearing lots of pink. :) 

Beacham Girls017-IMG_4525 copy.jpg

Please forgive the rambling and seemingly random bunch of photos.  This is how my brain works, and today it’s been on overdrive just thinking about how many things have changed, and how quickly they continue to do so.  All of our client edits were finished early this morning (thanks to Jordan having to be up early, I was up early as well), and I’ve spent the majority of this afternoon just clicking on photos and videos from as far as five years ago.  You know I had to share at least a few of those.  Thanks for reading, if you’ve made it this far.  Now that these are up, I’m off to work on adding (almost) a gazillion photos to our portfolio website.  Expect an update from us within the next month. ;)

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