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Sherry & Gideon were married at Ocean Isle, on a hot but beautiful Monday morning.  This is one incredibly sweet, oh-so-happy, ridiculously cute couple.  We can say so many great things about them, as well as their family and friends, but it comes down to one simple thing. They’re just good people.  Thank you all, for being so kind and making us feel welcome.  It was a beautiful day!

Jordan and I woke up at 5:30 on Monday morning so we would have time to head out to the beach and catch the sunrise.  We wanted Sherry & Gideon to remember every part of their day, even how it looked before they were out and about. :)


This first group of birdies on the beach is my favorite shot from the morning. As you can see, there wasn’t much of the sunrise to see with all of the clouds.  What there was, my friends, was humidity! I love the almost tilt-shift-like dreamy effect on this photo, and I’ll tell you a secret…it looked like that straight out of my camera. When you take a camera from an air conditioned space out to the beach on what is so far the most humid day of the year, you get a foggy lens (FYI for dSLR users - do not take the lens off of your camera when this happens, or you’ll risk getting condensation in the camera. No good.).  Usually that fogginess goes away after 5-10 mins, but this time it hung around for about an hour (eek!).  Thankfully it did finally go away, and we ended up with some pretty morning shots regardless.


JAM.sunrise copy.jpg

We met Gideon at the beach house where his family was staying. Love these shots of his dad tying the tie. :)




Such love in this family. I’m tellin ya…good people. :)


After dropping Jordan off at The Isles ceremony & reception site, I went back to Sherry’s hotel to get some shots of her putting on her gorgeous dress! 

JAM.sherry_1.jpgWe’re off, back to the Isles to get ready to walk down the aisle!


Sherry’s dad met her at the door.


My other half had been hanging out on the beach, listening to the waves and some guitar, and being the paprazzi shooter that he is. :)


Gideon has the sweetest mother!  Isn’t it obvious? :)


Everyone was beaming as Sherry came down the aisle. Isn’t she stunning?


Such an emotional, happy moment. We love these shots of Gideon, taken as his bride came walking down the sandy aisle.

JAM.ceremony.jpgThey’ve been pronounced husband and wife…you guys know what’s next. ;)


Alright y’all it’s time for the party!


What an adorable party :)


Sibling love


This one makes me giggle, it’s such a happy shot. Smiles don’t get much bigger than this!


We took some time after the ceremony & family shots for some photos of just Sherry & Gideon, and love what we got.  These two are so in love, it’s hard not to have a beaming smile when looking through all of their photos. :)


Oh, the dress. Perfect for twirling!


They just wanna celebrate! (We don’t blame ‘em) :)




After some fun shots with our toes in the sand, we started to head inside to the reception. But before we made it up the stairs, we heard a voice calling, “Cinderella, wait!”  This adorable little girl had wandered over with her grandmother to give “Cinderella” a seashell.  She was in awe of Sherry, and we don’t blame her. :)




I might have gone a tad overboard with the ring shots. But, I love them all. They had the best details!


Here are just a few of the gorgeous details, so many of them personal and thoughtful.  Gideon’s mom hand-painted the mailbox for the gorgeous couple, which was used at the reception to collect cards.  She also painted individual votives for guests to take home, along with wine made at Sherry’s fathers vineyard! Instead of a traditional guestbook, Sherry & Gideon provided colored pencils and asked each guest to draw something for them. The finished product will then hang in their home. And those cupcakes? The chocolate with almond buttercream icing…to die for!JAM.details.jpg

And can I please tell you what else they had…an ice luge!  Large amounts of awesome could be found in this room.

JAM-0156 copy.jpg

Sherry & Gideon ended up with some very cool artwork from their guests, on the piece designated for art as well as on their car. ;)


 First dance as husband and wife.


Such sweet parent dances, especially with the flowers Sherry’s dad gave her and Gideon hugging his mom so dearly.


Remember that party we were talking about starting? It’s right here.

 And they’re off! We hope you two have a wonderful time making your way across Europe. Happy honeymooning!


Hugs to you all!


Thanks to Gideon’s sister for taking this adorable photo of us! After hearing the story of their parents’ wedding photos not turning out (and their kiddos jokingly wondering if they’d actually gotten married at all), we decided to get some proof of our existence there, to tack onto the bajillion photos posted above. And please, turn all attention to Jordan’s incredibly cute wind-blown beachy curls (and none to my crazy wind-blown updo). :)

Vendor Information:

Ceremony, Reception & Coordination: The Isles

Flowers: Shallotte Florist

Cupcakes: Whole Foods

Ice Luge: Ice Sensations

DJ: Brian Hood

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