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Mountains. Horses. Carriage pulled by a horse named Love. Riverside ceremony. Kegs of brew. Fuschia heels. Burlap. Rock candy. Lollies. Taffy. Lots of other candy. Jars for catching fireflies. Scrabble tiles. Buttons in the bouquet. Cake. Hilarious cake-topper. North Carolina BBQ. Cornhole games. Dancing galore.

These things, put together so thoughtfully with huge amounts of laughter and love, equaled one huge-antic bunch of awesomeness at this wedding in Swannanoa, NC. Yes, I made up a word, that’s how awesome this wedding was. Cassie, it was great to see you, and finally meet your handsome man.

 The shoes. I was in love, and envious. I couldn’t wear these for more than 20 minutes, and Cassie rocked them through the ceremony and over half of the reception. In the grass, my peeps. Rockin!

Flower girls Georgia & Lili were given sparkly cheeks by Cassie. Perfect finishing touch.

JAM-9849 copy.web.jpg

Lili felt she could use a little more sparkle, of course.

JAM-9853 copy.web.jpg

Stunning. I think that describes all little girls named Georgia. (Ahem. My best friend has a little girl named Georgia. Gorgeous as well.)


After getting ready, Georgia gazed into the mirror and said, “I just can’t stop looking at myself!” Lili soon joined and agreed.


Hey y’all…guess what’s coming?! They did a first look!! We get so excited for our couples when they go for it, and theirs was just as spectacular as we hoped it would be.  Here’s Ashley, waiting to see his bride. :)

JAM-2-6 copy.web.jpg

Cassie, rounding the stair’s curve. (I’ll try not to “call” the first look like that from now on. I won’t say another word, let’s let the photos talk, mkay?)

JAM-2-9 copy.web.jpg

JAM-2-5 copy.web.jpg

JAM-2-7 copy.web.jpg


JAM-9920 copy.web.jpg


JAM-2-11 copy.web.jpg

(sigh) Sorry peeps. I type so much more than I talk. Especially when we photograph such gorgeous people. And now, the rest of the day…love Ashley holding Cassie’s dress as they get ready for a few photos before the ceremony.

JAM-2-12 copy.web.jpg

Ashley, she loooooves you. :)


And we loooove these shots by the barn!


Those smiles are so contagious!



Let’s go get married!”





This little spot is brilliant. (future brides & grooms, please note) Most people are aware that the bride and groom typically don’t eat on their wedding day. There are so many people to meet and greet, it’s hard to remember to sit down and take time to take a bite.  Not these two though. They had the most adorable spot by the pond set up (a fenced field separated them from the tented reception area), and their family brought them food and water. They ate, and danced, privately together. Their first meal and first moment alone as a married couple. This is just as genious as having a first look before the ceremony. ;)


We quickly snapped a few photos of them before leaving them to dine and enjoy the moment. Thank you both for allowing us to get just a few more. :)


Jordan’s favorite:


JAM-0323 copy.web.jpg

Mindy’s favorite:


And off they go to their little spot by the pond. What a gorgeous Friday evening it was.


Shades of fuschia & purple look amazing with those little button flowers. And it was all influenced by the shoes!




 I literally squealed at these jars. Not only were they used for fireflies, but the kiddos found tiny frogs for them as well. :)


 Oh my gosh, the cake. Check out that topper! Of course it was delicious, it was made by the mama of one of Cassie’s bff’s. I like to repeat this every moment possible: Mindy will work for cake! :)


 Georgia was proud to show off the bean bags, which she helped stuff full of corn! And whoa..Cassie throwing in those heels. Love it!


 Cut the cake…dun duh duh…cut the cake…does anyone else sing this song every time they see wedding cake?



 The most entertaining bouquet & garter toss we’ve seen. Nice job, y’all. :)


See a few more of our favorites below. This was just a preview, but we couldn’t stop choosing favorites! Congratulations, love birds. :)



Ceremony, Reception & Coordination: Hidden River Events

Flowers: Your Vase or Mine

Food & Drink: 12 Bones

Cake: Julie’s mom (again, YUM!)

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