Leslie, my gorgeous sister, with the most beautiful natural red hair I’ve ever seen (and especially when we were younger, the attitude to match), has an amazing family. These kids are so fun, and so very much like their mama. :) They visited Jordan and I last fall at our new home, and we grabbed some playful fun shots of them to use for their holiday card. As she and her man were posting them to facebook today, I realized that I never blogged them!  So here they are, in all of their beautifulness.  Yep, I make up words. Guilty.

Here’s everyone: Michael, Bella, Morgan, Kayla, Mikey, Levi & Leslie

They’re a blended family…the best kind :)


We went to our neighborhood playground to get some sunshine-filled playful photos.  Love this one of Morgan climbing the “rocks.”


And here’s Levi, peek-a-booing through the play structure. :)


Here’s Mikey, before we got into playing in the leaves.


And pretty Kayla, who (along with her bro Mikey) played hide-and-seek with our cameras that day.  Love this smiley shot of her. I told her that her eyes matched our house, and that I had to take a photo of her so she could see.  I mean, I wasn’t lying. :)


This is one of my favorite shots ever, of Bella swinging with her daddy. So, so very sweet.


Loving the swing!


Kayla, having an absolute blast! :)


We did a few silly holiday shots in our studio (which we usually only use for tiny babes), and apparently little Levi here was feeling left out. This is before he was super mobile, so he scooted himself into the frame very carefully (thus the silly face).  :)


We finished the day with some messy cupcakes on the porch. Bella’s eyes match our house, too. :)


Love you, kiddos.


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