Beautiful Baby Girl | Teagan

We had planned to meet up with Teagan’s family last fall before she came into the world. When mama required bedrest though, we decided we’d see each other in the spring.  And goodness what a cutie!  Teagan was unsure of us at first, but I think we won her over with our white noise app on the iPhone.  Thanks mom & dad, for meeting us at our little home studio! :)

We love little hands and feet, I think because we know they don’t stay this little for very long! I loved this girly shot of Teagan in her pretty dress and cute lil tights. :)

JAM-2501 copy.web.jpg

We got a lot of curious looks from Miss Teagan, which made us giggle quite a bit. This arms-crossed shot is just adorable. 

JAM-2613 copy.web.jpg

And check out her bear booty!  Ahaha! See what I did there? Not her bare booty, but bear booty! (post bad pun disclaimer: I am my father’s daughter, with his sense of humor. And Jordan isn’t here to keep it in check. I apologize.)  :)

JAM-2540 copy.web.jpg

This makes Jordan and I giggle like this: “Eeeeeeeeeheheheheeee!” So super cute!

JAM-2501 copy.jpg

Sweet baby girl :)

JAM-2547-2 copy.web.jpg

One more shot of those toes:

JAM-2632-2 copy.web.jpg

Just relaxin’ on Daddy’s lap

JAM-2736 copy.web.jpg

Such a sweet family!


We’ll see more of Teagan and family (with big brother included) later this spring. We can’t wait!


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