Giggles Galore | Miriam

We met Miriam and her family last fall in their home. We got some fantastic shots of them, and even designed and printed a birth announcement for them. When we met them again at Duke Homestead last weekend, we couldn’t believe how Miri had grown. She is so tall! And so full of happiness and laughter. Evidence below. :)

We started with some sweet photos of Miri and her grandparents.


This one makes me giggle! Love that laugh!


The entire time we were standing under this tree, she wanted to explore. She did so with her eyes for quite a while, then dad decided to lift her so she could get a better feel for the tree. I so love curious and discovering baby faces.  :)


As I got this close, Miri’s dad warned me that she would reach for my camera if I stayed there…


And he was right! :)


Miriam’s family has the best sense of humor, and this shot makes me laugh every time I see it! As we approached the house there was a tour group coming our way. Miri’s grandfather quickly decided that we should get an American Gothic-like, very serious and solemn shot on the front porch. I snapped quick, and giggled as we got out of the way. We needed a pitchfork! :)


This (to me) is so very obviously Jordan’s shot. Little girls just love to giggle and flirt with him! :)


There’s that infectious smile & laugh again!

JAM-2852-2 copy.web.jpg

Miri & her daddy


Fun with mommy


And of course, a little playing with mom’s necklace.


We watched her exploring some flowers…

JAM-3075 copy.web.jpg

And got yet another great smiley shot!


We saved the black & white conversion for her more dramatic look. Love it!


Lots more great shots to come. Thank you all for coming out to explore a new location with us!


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