Bryant, Teagan & family | Wrightsville Beach, NC

What a fun session we had with this family!  We’ve been photographing them since big brother Bryant was a babe, and are still amazed at how cool this kiddo is every time we see him.  And now he’s a big brother, loving his new little sis!  There was soccer on the beach, a quick game of hide-and-seek, a yummy ice cream push-pop, discovering new heights and big ol’ fish on the pier.  And the best laughs we’ve seen in a long time. :)  Eric and Alicia, thank you so much for meeting us at the beach! 

Oh my goodness, see what I mean about that laugh?  Little sis is still curious about what’s so funny…but she also has an adorable laugh of her very own. :)


Relaxing at the beach on a Saturday…it doesn’t get much better.


 Love the tickle giggles!


 Bryant’s laughter is contagious. :)

JAM-6423-2 copy.web.jpg

Teagan loves kisses!


There’s that awesome laugh!


Is this the way to ice cream?”


Yes, yes it is. Yummy!

JAM-6613 copy.web.jpg

I think Bryant gets his laugh from his daddy. :)

JAM-6710 copy.web.jpg

Oh my goodness. LOVE this shot of Bryant on Alicia’s back!


Swingin’ on home.  What a beautiful evening at the beach.

JAM-6509 copy.web.jpg

You all were so fun, as always.  Can’t wait to show you the rest! :)


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