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He makes her coffee every morning. With Sweet’N Low. Every morning - guys, take note.  This is how to keep a happy wife. ;)  They’re avid bird watchers/lovers,and these two love birds and their little bird, Jersey, had us laughing and having a good time all Saturday long.  We hope you two have had a fabulous trip to Hawaii (ahem, we’re insanely jealous)!!





 We found some love birds while shooting some love birds. (yes I know, these aren’t love birds. but they were all cuddly like love birds) :)

JAM-6799 copy.web.jpg

 Heidi & Chris - lovebirds :)

JAM-6876 copy.web.jpg

 Jersey, come on in! This girl was so much fun…you all were so much fun.

JAM-6871 copy.web.jpg



 the pink symbolizes the Sweet’n Low. Their invites were pink & brown, to go with the coffee & sweetener theme. Love it. :)


 Love this shot of Jersey and her dad.

JAM-7357 copy.web.jpg

 Chris gave Jersey a little tickle to make her smile, but Jersey figured out a secret that most kiddos don’t realize. Dads are ticklsh, too!


 What better gift for their guests than a bag of delicious-smelling coffee beans?

JAM-7501 copy.web.jpg


JAM-6799 copy.jpg

 So sweet. We wish you two many years of love and sweetness.

JAM-6947 copy.web.jpg

Congratulations to you! It was a wonderful day. :)


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