It's a JAM contest!


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Contest Details -
How to win a gift card

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What’s up for grabs?
one $50 gift card
one $100 gift card
How can I use the gift card if I win?
The gift card can be applied to the cost of a photo session, photo prints, or digital photo files.
Who is eligible to win?
past, present, & future JAM clients
(excluding Mindy & Jordan’s families…sorry fam)
How do I enter to win a gift card?
We want to know what kind of photos really grab you.  Specifically, your very favorite shot.  Here’s what to do to help us, and be entered to win a JAMin’ gift card:

  1. Scroll through our blog posts and find your favorite photo. Hint: there’s a “tags” column on the right side of our blog that will help you search by category if you already have a photo in mind, and there’s also a search bar at the top right side of the blog.  Or just scroll through and have a look at whatever pops up!
  2. When you see a photo that you absolutely love, leave a comment at the bottom of that blog post and tell us which photo you’ve chosen, and why you love it so.  Be sure to leave your name and email address with your comment so we can contact you if you win!
  3. Your first comment will count as your entry for this contest.  We will record all of the comments/entries we receive, and randomly choose two of those comments as the winners when the contest is over.  One commenter will win a $100 gift card, and the other will win a $50 gift card.  That’s free money, honey!

(I apologize for that last sentence. Let’s not get all crazy-car-saleswoman here. ~Mindy)
When does the contest begin & end?
The contest will begin today, and end this Monday, May 23rd just before midnight.  So, the contest will run from:
Tuesday May 17th -
Monday May 23rd at 11:59pm
The small print (which actually isn’t any smaller than above but you get the idea):

  1. These gift cards can only be used for photo sessions, print orders, and digital files. They can’t be applied to the purchase of other products, taxes, or travel fees for out-of-town sessions (though remember, if your location is convenient/somewhere we frequently travel, travel fees may not apply).
  2. JAM’s family members aren’t eligible to win (don’t be sad, we take care of them. We promise).
  3. You’re welcome to comment on our blog as many times as you like, but the very first comment you make will count as your one and only entry for the contest. There will be no multiple entries for this contest, just one for each of ya!
  4. Entries will be recorded today through 11:59pm on Monday May 23rd. Any comments after that time will be greatly appreciated, but will not be entered in this contest.
  5. These two gift cards will expire on December 31, 2011


Email us anytime at 
Thanks for helping us, and good luck to you!


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