newby baby nora

 We photographed in-belly Nora and her family not long ago. It was an incredibly fun maternity session, so we knew we were in store for an awesome studio session when she arrived.  And we were right!  She’s such a tiny (but tall) little one, and we got some super cute shots of her awake and some adorable sleepy babe shots as well.  She rocked her session, and we wore her out. Such a good little model!

We love kicking baby feet. That sprawling movement is the cutest.

JAM-7749 copy.web.jpg

 I believe this was when Nora was getting flirty with Jordan. :)


 Hello baby girl!

JAM-7732 copy.web.jpg

 Gas or not, this is a cute little smile. :)

JAM-7757 copy.web.jpg

 Getting a little sleepy over here guys…


 We took a little walk around the house til beautiful Nora was sleeping peacefully.


 What a cute little cuddly babe she is!


 Doesn’t she have the cutest bit of hair?!


 Nora’s mommy brought along a collection of hats, so of course we had a hat fashion show for a bit. :)

JAM-7445 copy.web.jpg

 I think this hat was my favorite. What do you think?

JAM-7432 copy.web.jpg

 Nora and her big bro - classic! Love that Nora’s flashing the peace sign with her yawn. :)


 I just had to post this…this is real life, y’all. :)


Thank you Nora and family for visiting our little studio for babes. We can’t wait to show you the rest!


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