zachary david | 3 months

You guys, we aren’t kidding or exaggerating. This boy literally gets cuter by the day!!  We hang out with this little guy frequently (and Mindy has a bit of a hard time not holding him when he’s around), but the next time he’ll be in front of our cameras for an official shoot is at 6 months old.  It’ll be here before we know it!  We love you Zachary, and your parentals. :)

It’s yet another cute hat, on another cute babe.

JAM-8143 copy.web.jpg

Zachary’s making friends with Blue Bear.

JAM-8065 copy.web.jpg

We look at his daddy in awe quite a bit as well. ;)


Such a sweet mama shot!


 Chillin in the pretty light


All aboard the blanket of cuteness!


More cuteness to come…it’s hard for Mindy to not whip out the camera every time he’s around…I imagine we’ll have a few photos here and there before his next official session. :)

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