jam baby

Hi friends. :) 

If you don’t know already, let me share some exciting news: we have a baby boy on the way! He’ll be making his appearance in August if all goes as planned, and he’s already changed our lives for the better.

We’ve done a little bit of shooting here and there this spring, and have a couple more photo sessions in the works before summer is officially here. But after those, we’re officially going on hiatus/sabatical/summer & fall break.

We didn’t plan this break in the beginning, but I’ve since found that shooting is quite a bit difficult for me already. My non-pregnant self typically does all sorts of yoga-style poses, squats & lunges, and lots of running when photographing kiddos. Well, that just can’t happen right now. So with this belly, which I love so dearly, and with Jordan taking on a third job now, this break is much needed. We’ll be getting ready for baby boy all summer, and enjoying time with just us while we can.




I’m currently at the end of week 22, and can feel our little guy dancing in my tummy as I’m typing. Right this very minute. He’s an incredible little guy, and is active just like his daddy. We’ll be sharing a little bit of this journey here, as well as some favorites from our last few clients this year. And as soon as we’re ready to shoot again, we will let it be known. :)

Love, hugs, and bebe kicks,


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