JAM & Peanut | little one on the way

We have a new little addition, who goes with me wherever I go. Nicknamed Peanut from the very beginning, we have a little Maui baby on the way! :) While he or she won’t be making an appearance until August assuming all goes well, we wanted to share our news with all of you now. And to let you know what this means for our shooting schedule this year.

The first trimester has been full of nausea, “morning” sickness, and heartburn and indigestion. Which means little appetite and a pretty bland diet, without grease of almost any kind. Oils and butters, Peanut says no to you! I can’t tell you how much I wanted to title this post “Peanut Butter & JAM,” but even typing “butter” makes me a bit queasy. Yikes! Nothing makes this more bearable than an understanding husband who waits on you every second of the day, all the while thanking you for carrying his little one. If he could be like a seahorse and carry little Peanut, he sure would. But I’m happy to sacrifice a few weeks of discomfort for such a joyous thing. Jordan, you are the very best. We love you. :)

Little Peanut came at the perfect time, during our after-holiday it’s-too-cold-to-shoot season, when we’re typically shooting less anyway. Even our personal photo projects have been put on hold lately, as most of the time even trying to steady the camera and look through the viewfinder has made me more nauseated. As the weeks go on, it’s getting better. And I’ll be ready to shoot this spring if things keep improving! But I’ll tell you guys, there will be a big push for indoor lifestyle photo sessions from me instead of lots of outdoor photos this summer. I imagine I’m going to want as much A/C and pool time as possible with a big belly and summer heat! Maybe we can swing an underwater housing unit for our camera and do some ocean & pool shoots. I’m in the mood to experiment this year. 

This fall we’re going to play things a bit by ear as far as scheduling photo sessions. We had a very low-key holiday shooting season in 2012, and the same will likely be true this year since we’ll have a new little one around. Just a heads up for those of you who want to get on our schedules. 

And now, a few little iPhone photos of all things Peanut. Nutri-grain blueberry waffles (toasty with no syrup) are my very favorite things to eat, followed by an occasional decaf homemade latte. You guys won’t judge my non-latte art skills right? I’m getting there. Also seen below are our very first ultrasound pics of Peanut, two of four pregnancy tests I’ve taken (yes, a bit obsessive, right?), and a barely visible Peanut bump, taken on a neighborhood walk on a 70-degree January day.


Thank you all for the sweetest messages of congratulations that we’ve already received. Our little community is the best!


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