Blue Ridge Realists

A few weekends ago in early February, we ventured up to Hickory, NC for an art show opening. We’ve been to a few of these, but this one was special to us, as it was organized by my dear dad. He’s brought a group of artists together that are now referred to as the Blue Ridge Realists, and each one of them is incredibly talented. Their scenes of western North Carolina are so beautifully painted, and we have several of their pieces in our “art gallery hallway” upstairs in our home. Watching my dad introduce the artists was one of my favorite parts of the evening. It’s always nice to see your loved ones involved in something they’re passionate about. :)

We brought our cameras along to capture a few shots of these artists together, as it’s such a rare gathering for them. Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Hickory Museum of Art for hosting a great show! 





Here we have almost the entire group (just missing Bob Timberlake), with my dad (also an artist) on the far right. 

The artists, from left to right are: Phillip Philbeck, Gary Freeman, Ward Nichols, Cotton Ketchie, Richard Oversmith, Jack Greenfield, John Furches, Frederick Craig Franz, and Scott Boyle.  


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