Adam & Emma | Proposal

Though we (JAM) are officially on a break/hiatus from our regular busy photography schedule (lil man will be here in about a month - wow!), when Jordan got a request from Adam to secretly photograph his proposal to Emma, he jumped at the chance. I mean, we’ve always called him our “paparazzi photographer,” and now he’d really get to play the part! For weeks I tried to convince him (and myself) that I could join and keep up with these two while they hopped around town, but in the end we knew it would be something best suited for Jordan. He’s quick and has no bebe belly to hide. :) I was happy to get the details and just be able to edit the photos! And y’all, he was awesome. Look how sweet these two are. :)

Adam texted Jordan whenever he & Emma got to Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. From what I understand, there was a bit of a scavenger hunt. We’re quite sure their pup, Beaufort, spotted Jordan in the very first shot he took. Thankfully, pups don’t speak English and his presence wasn’t detected. :)


There were photos taken at various spots on their hop around town. Then they found a nice spot at UNC’s arboretum, where the proposal would take place.


Jordan hustled around just in time to get this shot of Adam proposing, and even got the ring in Adam’s hand. All the way from his paparazzi spot in the bushes. :)


While I don’t know exactly what was said, I love that Emma couldn’t wait for Adam to stand up so she could hug him, before he even put the ring on her finger. These two are the sweetest.



After a few moments, Adam pointed out Jordan’s sneakiness. The paparazzi was outed!


Jordan got some super sweet shots of them at the old well on campus, and I love that they included sweet Beaufort! I also love that all of this happened in the rain. There’s something so romantic about rainy day love. :)



My very favorite of the day. Pure sweetness.


So, so happy. I’m glad Jordan could be there for these photos, and hope they help you always remember the exact way you felt on this day. It’s one of the best feelings you’ll ever experience. And you guys rocked it!


Also let me just say…awesome ring choice!!



Congratulations, you two. Engaged! You each have a fiance! Best feeling ever, isn’t it? :)

Lots of love and hugs to you both!


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