Jordan + Mindy + Riley

Hello blog world, we’re still here! I’ve been wanting to post a pour-my-heart-out kind of post about…well, everything. Life and business mainly, and how we want to change things and the direction we’re going with our photography business. It’s hard to write such things and really get out what I’d like to say in the limited time I have to write these days. So for now, we’ll stick with an update on just us. Our lives at home, and away from home. Still all about our little Ri guy. 

A lot has happened since our last update. Mainly our kiddo, like all others in the world, is growing up way too fast. The cliche saying is true. See below for proof. :)

These days Riley is: 

rolling around, sitting up, trying so hard to crawl, eating people foods, babbling away, losing the last of his baby hair and growing blondies in place, loving to bounce and be tossed around (adrenaline junkie in the works), and being such an amazing tiny person


 He’s still a master at expressing himself, for sure.


He’s seen his first snow, and is not a fan. He’s our little beach babe, taking after his parents. 



We’ve tried many foods, avocado being the first. After getting past the texture, he was a pretty big fan. 



He also loves some banana in his little squishy squeezer thing (seriously, I have no idea what the actual name for this is). 


 Jordan managed to catch his initial “what is this weird feeling stuff in my mouth” face. Often mistaken for an “eww this is gross” face, but most of the time this isn’t the case. The only thing he hasn’t been a big fan of so far is sweet potatoes. We’ll keep trying them though. :)


 Playtime is much more fun, and vertical, these days.



 We’re still in love with owlie, though he seems to be shrinking next to Riley.


 Along with us parents, he’s had lots of auntie time, especially with Aunt Gabby.


We’ve been going to a My SweetArts music & arts class on Mondays. My dad asked, “Wait a minute, he’s already getting music lessons?” Well, he’s obsessed with listening to his daddy play guitar and beating on things, so in this class he gets to listen and play on an actual drum. And eat a few instruments, too. Sweet! 



And the biggest new thing? His first airplane ride. To Las Vegas. For his daddy’s birthday. As a gift to his dad, he slept almost the entire flights there and back. Go Riley go! And Aunt Gabs got to join us. It was great fun. 



 The aquarium at Mandalay Bay, and Bellagio’s light show. Some of our favorite Vegas things. Along with the food. And Aria. And Aria’s smell.




And that is all I’ll write for now, as Ri is reaching and chatting for/at me. Gonna go snuggle our little dude and go for a walk. Til next time, y’all. Business update coming before too long, I promise. :)

~JAM + Ri-toast

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