Two Years Old

When I was pregnant with Riley, time mostly seemed to crawl. I wanted to meet the little soul in my big belly, so very badly. I also wanted to be able to eat something other than plain grilled chicken, cheese, and pb&j. I didn’t mind the sugar cravings so much. ;) 

Well, as soon as labor started time rushed by and only seems to go by faster. We all beg time to slow down, but really? Two is incredibly fun, even when Ri has his “terrible” moments (which most of the time, when I’m not exhausted, are actually cute). I love finding out more about who he is as a little person. He has the best damn personality you guys. When we had his first birthday film made and I nervously agreed to be on camera talking about what I want for Riley, I think I said the word “kind” at least 27 times. But you guys, that’s him to the core.

If Ri is eating anything, you will be offered a bite. If he has a toy that he is amazed by, he has to let you try it. If he wakes up and tells you he’s happy in the morning, you better believe he’ll ask if you’re happy too. And he waits for your answer too - he really does want to know. It’s the most genuine “How are you?” I’ve ever heard. 

Here are a few birthday images from this week. He’s looking quite grown these days, don’t you think?













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