What in the world is it about being in a bathroom that can sometimes make people incredibly productive? I know this isn’t just me, guys. My productive thinking happens in the shower. I won’t get too detailed here, but we have more than one friend who is most productive when doing other bathroom-related things. Let’s just say that thought-dumping happens in there (poop joke) for many of us.



Maybe it’s because the bathroom is one place where no matter where you are, you go there for a specific purpose. There’s room for thoughts to fill your head as you’re doing whatever business you came to do habitually. I was laughing with Jordan the other day because every time I get in the shower, I curse myself for not putting the waterproof case on my phone. Because inevitably, I always think of at least seven different things I want to write about, or have defining conversations in my head with people that I’d never have in real life and get shit figured out about them and about me. A lot of discovery is done during my shower, and if I don’t take note of the things pouring out of my mind, those thoughts seem to wash right down the drain with my way-too-expensive shampoo and conditioner. (My dad is a hairdresser. I’m very particular about my products.) So I’ve started keeping a stool next to our shower with my phone resting on top. I grab it at least once but usually three or four times to pour a list of topics into my Day One app so I remember what the hell I was thinking. 

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So here begins the shower log blog. The thing that’s been crossing my mind for years now is one that I’ve read, word for word, on other blogs/posts/whatevers: Why would anyone want to read what I have to say? What worth do my words have? What could I possibly write about that hasn’t already been written about elsewhere? If everyone who had these doubting thoughts let said thoughts stop them from writing, there would be a hell of a lot of good content lost. So here I am, sharing the beginning of my randomosities. And I’ll tell you why, as briefly as I can.



A friend once told me about the idea that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Google tells me this idea is entrepreneur/motivational speaker Jim Rohn’s. That’s cool, Jim, and I mostly agree with you. Of course, I factor who I am innately in there too. But when it comes down to it, I’m always affected by who and what I surround myself with. Everything from who I hang out with, what I watch on tv/other screens, who I follow on social media. It all affects my mood and my thought process. On social media, I follow a lot of very inspirational people who share the same kind of positive thoughts I tend to have, and shit on a lot of the same negative ones I’ve had (more poop jokes, I’ve got ‘em). I like anyone who can be real and still hold things in a positive light while also acknowledging but trying to squash negativity. Does that make sense? Anyway my thing is, I tend to be a lurker there. I read a lot, and only really comment when I feel like I could be of help to someone else who’s asked for help. But sometimes, reading just one relatable post turns my whole day around for good. So, if I can shower you all with some random thoughts that might help you in some way, I’m down with that. Or should I say I’m up for that? Yeah, I’m up for that. Positives, y’all. The shower’s on, the pressure is high but oh so nice, and it might even get a little bit steamy at times. Join me if you will. On this blog I mean. Right.



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