Three Years of Light

On our back porch in the morning, there’s this magical light that streams through the trees on a sunny day. It highlights everything out there in a way that makes me feel like I’m watching a highlight reel of my life from the future. It brings me so close to happy crying and actually warms my heart and leaves an ache in my chest that’s probably just me choking back tears and light sobs that are trying to escape, and I want to say that it’s literally heart-warming but I’ve given Jordan shit for saying literally so often that our kid is saying it now too. So I won’t say that. But, it definitely is figuratively heart-warming. So much so that I can’t even get my camera to capture it like I see it in real life. Cue Jim & Pam’s mental picture-taking from their wedding day, if you’re a fan of the Office. But it makes me feel like this:


Wherever you are in life, I hope something gives you this feeling. Whatever troubles you’re feeling, whatever struggles you have, I truly hope there’s something that gives you that light-but-heavy choked-up feeling of happiness. Even if it’s just for a few seconds of your day. Find that light. It’s there somewhere, I promise. And if it isn’t showing itself right now, please know that it will come.


So much has changed in our lives since Riley was born three years ago. I sometimes feel like I could be a blogger, but in truth I can’t organize all of the thoughts I have here adequately, so I’m sure I’ll just keep posting these random updates and talking about how I want to dive into them further one day. Just for today though, here are a few recent photos of our newly-turned three-year-old. I hope they bring you at least a flicker of the light that I felt while taking them.






We’ve spent so much time this summer in and around the water. Our house in Wilmington is almost finished, about a year after building started. Perfection takes time, y’all. Just look at this perfect smiling child that took me almost as many months to grow.


Tickling and chasing and hiding - these are the things that bring out the biggest giggles from this kid. Cheers to many more movies in the new house with Little Bunny. This movie-watching night was pretty memorable even without a comfy sofa to cuddle on.



We started a countdown to his birthday on the first of August this year, and let him cut off a link every day until his birthday on the 12th. He took this job very seriously, obviously.


We found a new friend in the Target clearance section this summer. He’s a velociraptor, and Riley decided his name is Vivey and he only eats plants. We nicknamed him Veggie Rap. Oh, and these two built a cardboard house in the driveway. It required power tools, of course. It took less time to build than our beach house, so I think Riley might be teaching our builders a thing or two. ;) 


He’s always loved reading, but he’s really investigating stories and reading them aloud to himself more these days.


Bunny & Daddy Bear fam. It’s the best way to sleep.


This is what happens when you cook bacon without turning on the fan, and your husband is out of the house and doesn’t answer the call from your alarm company. Let’s just pretend this was a planned visit so that Riley could compare his fire truck to a real one, okay?


This is what my memories look like most of the time.



One of the best iPhone shots I’ve ever taken:


He loves so hard, you guys. It’s the best.


This grin kills me, and is 100% him at three. Sly, sweet, and silly. His first day back to school this week was so awesome that he didn’t want to come home with us after it was over. I know how healthy that is, so I’m not mad about it one bit.



That’s all for today, loves. I wish you so much happy.


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