Tasha - UNC grad!

I just went through this old blog of ours and came across Tasha’s high school graduation post. I’ve had these UNC graduation photos sitting in a folder since April and figured that was my push to share this gorgeousness with the internet world. You’re welcome! (sang in Maui voice because I’m a mom and because I love Disney, mom or not.)

We rocked it out on UNC’s campus with a mini photog tagging along (see end of post for the mini).

We started at the Old Well because well, it’s Carolina. It’s what we do here. :)


Jordan got this candid shot of Tash and I’m jealous that I’m not the one who shot it. We only had one camera for this shoot so we had to share, and I’m glad he snapped this one. That profile! Girl.


Thankful for this shade and the nice breeze we got here. And that laugh! So happy!


I think this is my favorite shot, and yet again I did not shoot it. Props to Jordan because, damn. Great shot of Tasha and her man Darius. They met at UNC, so we had to get him in some shots too!


Insert all the heart eyes here for this.


Riley ran through this tunnel (this was in April, when everything was still freshly budding and blooming) on the way to meet Tash and fam, and wrinkled his nose and said it smelled terrible. It smelled very earthy, and he obviously wasn’t a fan. He still, four months later, mentions this every time we drive by this spot! Thanks for not wrinkling your nose here Tash. ;)


I mean just look at how cute they are!



She is DONE, son!


I have an entire folder of outtakes with Riley and Jordan from this shoot, and had to share a few of these for giggles. You know you like giggles, yeah? Well here, have some!



That last cracks me up!  

Tasha, it’s been amazing having you and Darius in our lives. Congrats to you, and thanks for helping us instill goodness and fun in this crazy kid of ours. We need a date soon (all of us, not just this J&M)!

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