Barco Baby #2

You guys, I love babies. We’re done with having any more of our own, so I get really excited when friends have more. Especially when those friends are these friends! Jordan and Tim grew up together and are brother-friends and he and Monica and Mason are pretty much family to us. We love them so. Just look at this gorgeous glowing mama and her sweet beautiful family!

 We spent a weekend with them at our place in Wilmington, and grabbed a few sweet shots of them out in the hot hot heat.2017-08-07_0001.jpg

Tim calls this next photo Monica’s goddess photo. Seriously though. Shot by Jordan, who rocks our telephoto lens with those amazing hands of his. That dappled light in those live oak trees is gorgeous enough, but when a glowing mama steps in there, totally at peace even in the summer heat…well it’s just breath-taking.2017-08-07_0006.jpg



This is just so sweet!


Jordan shot nearly all of these as I entertained the boys inside. He is always the one getting the big smiles and laughs. I love these swingy shots. :) 


Mason joined us for a bit at the end. I love watching him and Riley together, and absolutely cannot wait to see him and baby brother together when he’s here. Just a couple more weeks now!


Sleepy kiddo loves some hammock time!



Mama kisses and cheese cheers with Daddy.


More to come of this little bundle very soon! We love you, Barcos. :) 


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