Blue Ridge Realists

A few weekends ago in early February, we ventured up to Hickory, NC for an art show opening. We’ve been to a few of these, but this one was special to us, as it was organized by my dear dad. He’s brought a group of artists together that are now referred to as the Blue Ridge Realists, and each one of them is incredibly talented. Their scenes of western North Carolina are so beautifully painted, and we have several of their pieces in our “art gallery hallway” upstairs in our home. Watching my dad introduce the artists was one of my favorite parts of the evening. It’s always nice to see your loved ones involved in something they’re passionate about. :)

We brought our cameras along to capture a few shots of these artists together, as it’s such a rare gathering for them. Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Hickory Museum of Art for hosting a great show! 





Here we have almost the entire group (just missing Bob Timberlake), with my dad (also an artist) on the far right. 

The artists, from left to right are: Phillip Philbeck, Gary Freeman, Ward Nichols, Cotton Ketchie, Richard Oversmith, Jack Greenfield, John Furches, Frederick Craig Franz, and Scott Boyle.  


JAM & Peanut | little one on the way

We have a new little addition, who goes with me wherever I go. Nicknamed Peanut from the very beginning, we have a little Maui baby on the way! :) While he or she won’t be making an appearance until August assuming all goes well, we wanted to share our news with all of you now. And to let you know what this means for our shooting schedule this year.

The first trimester has been full of nausea, “morning” sickness, and heartburn and indigestion. Which means little appetite and a pretty bland diet, without grease of almost any kind. Oils and butters, Peanut says no to you! I can’t tell you how much I wanted to title this post “Peanut Butter & JAM,” but even typing “butter” makes me a bit queasy. Yikes! Nothing makes this more bearable than an understanding husband who waits on you every second of the day, all the while thanking you for carrying his little one. If he could be like a seahorse and carry little Peanut, he sure would. But I’m happy to sacrifice a few weeks of discomfort for such a joyous thing. Jordan, you are the very best. We love you. :)

Little Peanut came at the perfect time, during our after-holiday it’s-too-cold-to-shoot season, when we’re typically shooting less anyway. Even our personal photo projects have been put on hold lately, as most of the time even trying to steady the camera and look through the viewfinder has made me more nauseated. As the weeks go on, it’s getting better. And I’ll be ready to shoot this spring if things keep improving! But I’ll tell you guys, there will be a big push for indoor lifestyle photo sessions from me instead of lots of outdoor photos this summer. I imagine I’m going to want as much A/C and pool time as possible with a big belly and summer heat! Maybe we can swing an underwater housing unit for our camera and do some ocean & pool shoots. I’m in the mood to experiment this year. 

This fall we’re going to play things a bit by ear as far as scheduling photo sessions. We had a very low-key holiday shooting season in 2012, and the same will likely be true this year since we’ll have a new little one around. Just a heads up for those of you who want to get on our schedules. 

And now, a few little iPhone photos of all things Peanut. Nutri-grain blueberry waffles (toasty with no syrup) are my very favorite things to eat, followed by an occasional decaf homemade latte. You guys won’t judge my non-latte art skills right? I’m getting there. Also seen below are our very first ultrasound pics of Peanut, two of four pregnancy tests I’ve taken (yes, a bit obsessive, right?), and a barely visible Peanut bump, taken on a neighborhood walk on a 70-degree January day.


Thank you all for the sweetest messages of congratulations that we’ve already received. Our little community is the best!


Georgia on My Mind | At Home Session

When I (oh yeah, Mindy here) first decided that I wanted to completely dive into the photography world, this is what I was doing. Many people label it as “lifestyle photography,” though that term has varying definitions for different people. Really, I just follow kiddos around and document what they do at home. It’s everyday stuff that we’re used to, but seen through my lens.

There’s no worrying about outfits, locations, hair, etc. Just everyday happenings at home. It’s my favorite thing to photograph, because kids can be real. They know their home, and they know what they like. So, we do what they like. :) Here’s a look at little miss Georgia in her home with her parents. Some of our favorite people in the world.

We arrived just in time for a little playtime. Then it was time for Georgia’s nap.


What better way to wake up from a nap than with hugs and chocolate milk?


Georgia just happened to receive a package in the mail that day. We got to watch her excitedly open it to find a Mickey ornament she’d painted inside. I think we all get this excited when opening packages, right?


Since Georgia was well-rested and ready to entertain, she insisted on showing me her room.


She has a bit of a thing for Fancy Nancy. And well, books in general. But there were lots of Fancy Nancy books to read, and she read them all just for me. I felt like such a fancy guest in Georgia’s room!






 I have this secret resident that lives inside my camera. The trick is, only kids can see him. I told Georgia this, and she didn’t seem to believe me…at first. Then as she looked closer, she saw who it was. And decided to make a face for him. :) (Hint: he has two big black ears and a girlfriend named Minnie.)


The girl has had gorgeous long lashes since birth. They’re unbelievable, and I can’t resist photographing them every time I see her. 


 Peekaboo! I’m reading up here now!


Okay, back to my castle. 



 After reading and a bit of indoor play, we decided to check out the backyard for some more playtime and fresh air. And…bubbles!


Bubble attack! It got her right in the nose. :) 



 We decided to get creative with some chalk. I love Georgia’s “potato people,” as her mom calls them.





 Hey Mindy, it’s kinda hot out here. Let’s go back inside, okay?


After dinner and a bath, we got ready for the Falcons game, and of course a little Georgia playtime. Including a ticklefest from daddy… 


 …and some tasty brownies…


 …and some more playtime.


  Georgia’s princess helped daddy cheer on his team. I think the Minnie Mouse hat probably helped a bit, too. :)


 Just one more Fancy Nancy story before bed. Then she was tucked in all snug in her bed. Thankfully, we got to have a sleepover, and take more photos the next day. Spoiling the photographer! :)

 And we start the day with? You guessed it…Fancy Nancy!


 And some teeth & hair brushing, of course.


Downstairs for breakfast we go! 


 Georgia has a thing for playing with these big comfy couch pillows.


 See what I mean? It’s like a not-so-bouncy trampoline, right in her own living room!




 More story time. I hope we’re lucky enough to have a kiddo who loves reading this much. She gets it from her mom. :)


 A bit of playroom fun time before we had to get ready to go home.


 Since the AKs (as we and everyone else in their world lovingly call them) were moving (and have since moved, I should say), we wanted to get a family photo in front of their house. They’re now quite a bit further away from us, but will be back here in a few years. Until then, we’ll fly to see them whenever we can.


 Such sweet kisses from mom…too much too much! We rolled laughing at this second shot when we pulled it up at home later. :)


It just wouldn’t be the AKs without a silly-face shot. :) 


 Dear sweet AKs, we love you and miss you! Thank you for letting us go camera crazy in your cozy home. :)

We will see you in a few months - counting down!