JAM Anniversary Tradition

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary. We celebrated a week earlier with a long weekend at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC, so last night we had a rather low-key celebration. Jordan’s famous cast-iron skillet filet mignon at home, then a drink and some cake with friends at our favorite Chapel Hill spot, the Dead Mule Club. Two years ago we finished our wedding day cutting a cake and eating Gumby’s Pizza at the Mule (because as most bride & grooms will tell you, we ate almost nothing that whole day). Last year we came back with our anniversary cake, and decided to keep the tradition going. Even though Gumby’s is no longer there (sad tears!), we’ll be back at the Mule for as long as it’s there to have us. Our first two cake photos are even posted on their photo board inside. Love it! Here’s to photo traditions of all kinds. Cheers!


JAM Family

We’re busy hopping all over the state this month. Visitng family, friends, football games, and of course clients. :) Here are a few of our favorites from a weekend with Mindy’s siblings. Sisters & brother, nieces & nephews - nothing better!  


My brother and his sweet little Olivia visited our home on a Saturday, and we went to meet new nephew baby Tyson on Sunday at my sister’s place. What a weekend full of love. :) 


I love this little iphone shot! My sis Leslie, niece Morgan, moi, sis Gabby with new little nephew Tyson, sis (& Tyson’s mama) Dana, niece Katelyn. Can you tell we’re all a bunch of shorties (minus Katelyn)? :) 

We hope everyone’s enjoying this end of summer/fall transition. Hooray for cooler weather!


Fox Family

You guys, this summer is a hot one! We’re sure you realize that too, but we’ve rescheduled more photo sessions because of heat than rain this year. Ca-razy. It was more than warm during our Sunday morning photo session with the Foxes, but they were total troopers. We had a great time with this fun, gorgeous family.

 It was a morning full of curious faces and tons of laughing. This is my favorite family shot from the day - so sweet!











Olivia loved this spot - we roamed away for a bit, but she came right back to this spot when she could. :) 




We love that giggly Beatrice face! 


 Jordan pulled mom & dad aside for a few photos. Love this of them watching the kiddos. :)






Thanks to this wonderful family for a fun Sunday morning roaming through the wet grasses!