Barco Baby #2

You guys, I love babies. We’re done with having any more of our own, so I get really excited when friends have more. Especially when those friends are these friends! Jordan and Tim grew up together and are brother-friends and he and Monica and Mason are pretty much family to us. We love them so. Just look at this gorgeous glowing mama and her sweet beautiful family!

 We spent a weekend with them at our place in Wilmington, and grabbed a few sweet shots of them out in the hot hot heat.2017-08-07_0001.jpg

Tim calls this next photo Monica’s goddess photo. Seriously though. Shot by Jordan, who rocks our telephoto lens with those amazing hands of his. That dappled light in those live oak trees is gorgeous enough, but when a glowing mama steps in there, totally at peace even in the summer heat…well it’s just breath-taking.2017-08-07_0006.jpg



This is just so sweet!


Jordan shot nearly all of these as I entertained the boys inside. He is always the one getting the big smiles and laughs. I love these swingy shots. :) 


Mason joined us for a bit at the end. I love watching him and Riley together, and absolutely cannot wait to see him and baby brother together when he’s here. Just a couple more weeks now!


Sleepy kiddo loves some hammock time!



Mama kisses and cheese cheers with Daddy.


More to come of this little bundle very soon! We love you, Barcos. :) 


Tasha - UNC grad!

I just went through this old blog of ours and came across Tasha’s high school graduation post. I’ve had these UNC graduation photos sitting in a folder since April and figured that was my push to share this gorgeousness with the internet world. You’re welcome! (sang in Maui voice because I’m a mom and because I love Disney, mom or not.)

We rocked it out on UNC’s campus with a mini photog tagging along (see end of post for the mini).

We started at the Old Well because well, it’s Carolina. It’s what we do here. :)


Jordan got this candid shot of Tash and I’m jealous that I’m not the one who shot it. We only had one camera for this shoot so we had to share, and I’m glad he snapped this one. That profile! Girl.


Thankful for this shade and the nice breeze we got here. And that laugh! So happy!


I think this is my favorite shot, and yet again I did not shoot it. Props to Jordan because, damn. Great shot of Tasha and her man Darius. They met at UNC, so we had to get him in some shots too!


Insert all the heart eyes here for this.


Riley ran through this tunnel (this was in April, when everything was still freshly budding and blooming) on the way to meet Tash and fam, and wrinkled his nose and said it smelled terrible. It smelled very earthy, and he obviously wasn’t a fan. He still, four months later, mentions this every time we drive by this spot! Thanks for not wrinkling your nose here Tash. ;)


I mean just look at how cute they are!



She is DONE, son!


I have an entire folder of outtakes with Riley and Jordan from this shoot, and had to share a few of these for giggles. You know you like giggles, yeah? Well here, have some!



That last cracks me up!  

Tasha, it’s been amazing having you and Darius in our lives. Congrats to you, and thanks for helping us instill goodness and fun in this crazy kid of ours. We need a date soon (all of us, not just this J&M)!

Aaron & Kaitlyn

A few months ago we planned this weekend by the water with Aaron & Kaitlyn in our new home. We didn’t know their relationship had some history by the water, or that we’d get some pretty romantic rain both days they were here. We did know it would be time well spent getting cozy with these two, and we were right about that! 

It’s good to have someone to cuddle always, but especially when it’s chilly and drizzly outside.2017-01-25_0003.jpg

Riley calls this the “nosey nosey” and it always brings smiles. We love it, especially silhouetted by the water.


Find someone who makes you laugh. These two have that down, no question.


They don’t just laugh together…look at those lovey eyes! If you can find someone who looks at you like this, you’ve got it made. :)


I think they like each other a lil bit. ;) 


A little playfulness in the rain is good for the soul. Thank you guys for being such good sports and playing goofy games in the rains!



This is a favorite! Such happiness right here!



Aaron & Kaitlyn sittin’ in a tree…K-I-S-S-I-N-G


There might not be any dry eyes at this wedding, you guys. These two are great at bringing the silliness out, but man do they know how to bring the love too.


See that shot up there? I can feel the love you guys - I can feel it!

Also, thanks guys, for helping us test out the new swing. It needs a few adjustments to be completely stable and smooth, but don’t we all? Also Kaitlyn - your hair. Oh my gosh. As a fellow curly/wavy gal, you have to tell me what you put on those gorgeous locks, since I kept forgetting to ask you this weekend. It’s beautiful even after the rain!


Since we were hanging out for the weekend it was easy for me (in my jammies still) to say, “Oh hey guys, want to get a few more shots before you leave today?” Thanks for indulging me and letting me explore the light in this new place. It’s pretty kickass, especially with some pretty people snuggling in there. :)



I kept referencing “the grandma shot” as we went along, because most people who have seen our work know that I either like a deep gaze into the camera close-up, or completely candid real-life shots. But there’s always at least one family member (usually a mom or grandmother) who requests the classic both-people-looking-at-the-camera-smiling shot. We like to get at least a couple of those too, so in your older years you can look back and say, “Hey, that’s what we looked like way back when, whenever we posed for a shot.” So we got a few of those on the stairs…


And then Jordan snapped this loveliness that’s anything but a grandma shot. It’s very nearly my favorite image from the day. In between the silliness and the awkward feeling of having a camera in your face for way longer than normal, one of us freezes a moment that can say so many things. In this one shot, their whole time in front of our camera flashes in my head, in time-lapse format. It’s always an unexpected shot that does this for me, and this time this is it. Also, it’s just damn sexy, right? 


A little bit of love in the tower before we head back in and everyone changes back into comfy rainy-day clothes before heading home.



Til next time, you two. Let’s make more time for hanging out, mkay? :)

Love & hugs,


PS - I almost forgot, I grabbed some silly outtake shots of us shooting for you guys. Because we had a hilarious fun time, see? Happiness, shared. :)

 That boy’s got some height on that jump! Thanks for interrupting my shot, love. hehe


Shooting on a ladder that Jordan lugged out to the dock because I was too nervous to get on his shoulders. And then the usual creeper status on the stairs. I love that creeper!

I always ask if Ri wants to grab a shot if he’s around, since he loves looking through the viewfinder, releasing that shutter, then reviewing what he captured. It’s the sweetest thing. I gave him a little boost this time, since he’s otherwise shooting up people’s noses. He definitely brings out smiles for us! :)