Mindy's first international facedown (aka, more Italy honeymoon photos)

How silly, sneezy, and sleep-deprived is Mindy?  Here’s what she did today:

Loaded a bunch of pics onto our portable hard drive. Drove to Bean and Barrel for some coffee and serious uploading/emailing via their free wi-fi. *Side note-we just moved into our first home together, and are waiting on our cable/internet line to be buried, so we’re internetless at home.* Intended to prepare a blog post of the lovely family we worked with on Sunday morning. Realized that folder wasn’t fully transfered to the portable hard drive.  Oops. 

A bit ago I’d uploaded some Italy pics to post.  So, instead of getting a peek at our Halloween session, you get silly honeymoon photos of us.  We’re moving the last bit of stuff from our apartment tomorrow, but hopefully in between I’ll be able to post those cute little clients that were supposed to be posted today!  Have I mentioned how awesome and understanding our clients are? Thank you for being patient with us during this crazy-exciting time in our lives!

Onward, to the photos!

After our rainy adventure on our first night and full day in Italy, we woke up on our third day to some sunshine, and not a cloud in the sky! We decided to take a ferry across Lake Como to Lenno, and visit Villa Balbianello. However, I kept hearing “Barbieanello,” so I from then on referred to it as “Barbieville.”  Here’s the ferry stop before we headed out.


 Ferry + gull


 On the way to Lenno, we passed Tremezzo, with the Grand Hotel in plain view. That pool had to be freezing, but it still looks so inviting!


 A bit of the view around “Barbieville” (yes, I know that isn’t its real name. snicker snicker)


 Jordan, looking uber-cool on the grounds of the villa.


 Live here? Yes, please.  Around Lake Como, there are amazing views everywhere you turn.


 After our Balbianello visit, we found a spot in Lenno to have lunch, and found these lovely colorful boats along the way.


 And a few interesting shady shadow spots.


 Back in Bellagio, this was our view on the way to dinner, nearing sunset.  


 A few shots of Bellagio



 That’s my hubby! :)


 JAM + Bellagio = love




 The next day we went out to “the point,” in the middle wishbone spot of the lake. Love this shot I snapped of Jordie. :)


 In one of the many allies in Bellagio, we spotted this very protective doggy.  He was not having us atall. Lots of standing guard by his door, and lots of barking if we got too close.  But, he was all bark, no harm. :)


 We never mailed anything while on our trip, but I did love this mail box. :)


 “Do a GQ pose” yeah? okay…


 Okay, if you do not know about facedowns, you must go here.  There is something unusually funny to me about this website.  I have no idea why!  When I first ready about facedowns, I thought, “How stupid, it’s just photos of people lying face down in random places.”  Then I proceeded to browse the photos, and could not stop laughing at them!  So, here’s my facedown in Bellagio. First one, and it was international. Yippee. :)  


 The necessary feet-up shot.


 oh,emgee. The best gelato I’ve ever tasted, that chocolate on the right. The chocolaty/ nutty cone didn’t hurt.  Jordan got strawberry which was yummy), and upon trying mine was immediately jealous. 




Okay, we’ll end this post before we have photo-overload syndrome.  We do have a few more Italy pics, to be posted later.  Hopefully not instead of client photos next time. :) 

Tyler & family

One of our most fun sessions ever, and not just because it involved a messy cupcake!  Okay, you do remember that I’m a cupcake fiend, right?  Maybe that has something to do with it. :)  But. This family rocked their session, and I will tell you why. It was a completely laid-back, no stress, go-where-we-wanna-go kind of afternoon.  We roamed Chapel Hill & Carrboro, and snapped along the way.  And when we got home, I got to play.  Mom really likes texture and amazing light (much like me), so I did my thing.  And I love love love these images.  It was hard to stop editing, which is always a good sign.  Anyway, onto the photos.  I really hope you all enjoy them as much as we do!

 Tyler. Cutest face ever? Possibly. :)


 “Look at me Dad, I climbed the stairs!” That’s what this look says. :)


 He had his poses down!


 Look at those feet!  I know another little boy who crosses his feet this very same way. :)


 Tyler’s been workin on the railroad…


 Wait a minute…who put that hat up there?


 Little ones are so fascinated by rocks…we could’ve stayed here the entire session and I don’t think he would’ve moved. :)


 Whatcha doin’ up there?


We had a mishap with Mom’s keys falling under the ramp at DSI.  But, my handyman, Jordan, was there to save the day.  So many reasons to love him…he’s so very helpful! I caught a reflection shot while the key rescue was happening. :)


 There’s that mid-crawl pose again.  I love it!


 Oh-so-very cute!


Hmmmm….one meeellion dollars… 


Love this…nice job, Jordan ;) 


 Now for the cupcake…here is the beginning of the end.


 This could be my favorite shot all day, check out the blues on Tyler!  And the orange. :)


 Mmmm, Tyler also loves cupcakes. Most kiddos just lick the icing.  Tyler dug in the entire thing.  That’s my kind of kiddo. :)


I haven’t even gotten into our photos from the beginning of the session, but wanted to give Amanda & Ryan (and Tyler, ‘cause I know he’s been asking) a peek at what we got.  Can’t wait to show you more!!

Georgia Faye

Little Georgia and her gorgeous parents joined us at the pumpkin patch for the second year in a row for a fun session, and for me it couldn’t have come at a better time.  We shot at the same location with an even tinier Georgia, one year ago.  I pulled some pics from their first session, so we can all ooh and aah at how she’s grown. :)

I won’t get too sappy here, but this family means the world to me. Georgia’s mommy, Cristina, is one of the most beautiful people (inside and out) I know.  She’s been the best friend I could ask for, when we lived ten minutes from each other, and still now that we live almost two hours apart.  Whether we’re satisfying our taco cravings or the ever-present sweet tooth, there is always meaningful (or when we need it, silly meaningless) conversation and always, always tons of laughter.  And this visit brought me back down to earth in the world of our photography business.  

These folks are real…whether doubled over in laughter (Cristina & her hubby John), or making us double over with laughter as they “argue” with each other, we’re snapping like crazy and capturing who they really are.  In the world of photography, it’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others’ work and how they do things.  I’m so secretly competitive, and equally secretly sensitive, when it comes to our work.  But, if I so much as think about worrying about our style and talents, one session with the Adkersons brings me back down to earth and shuts me up.  There’s no posing, no worrying about suggesting locations (even when we’re knocking on a random classic car collector’s door whose doorbell has been taped over to try and get permission to shoot there…and not get shot in the process), no doing things that really aren’t Jordan And Mindy style.  We’re here to follow you around, and capture who you really are.  It’s what we do, and we do it well.  Thanks for reminding us, Georgia and fam.  We love you. :)

Enough rambling, now check out little miss Georgia, won’t you?  A bit of “now and then” can be found below…

Georgia, while her mommy was singing The Wheels on the Bus. This is what the mommies on the bus say (ssh ssh ssssssh).

IMG_1471 web.jpg

Pure Georgia, 100% cute!

IMG_1481 web.jpg

We lucked out with an overcast day last year at the pumpkin patch, but this year we had full sun, lots of warmth, and not a cloud in the sky.  We’re loving the outcome for both situations. :) 

IMG_1522 web.jpg

Georgia, flying high!

IMG_1582 web.jpg

As Cristina says, “farmer’s daughter”

IMG_8639 web.jpg

She was fascinated by these flowers, and kept “petting” them. :)

IMG_1670 web.jpg

What little one wouldn’t want to climb up here? :)

IMG_1785 web.jpg

Sunny pumpkins everywhere!

IMG_1809 web.jpg

A few shots by a pretty weeping willow.

IMG_1850 web.jpg

Presenting….GEORGIA!! Peekaboo, we see you. :)

IMG_8750 web.jpg

IMG_8845 web.jpg

Leading the way on a little walk…mommy and daddy aren’t fast enough, apparently. :)

IMG_8860 web.jpg

IMG_8872 web.jpg

This is just beautiful!

IMG_8878 web.jpg

A few from last year, including some corn maze shots.  This year the corn was extremely low and dried out, so no corn maze this go-around.


Look how tiny she was!!


One of my favorite shots of Cristina ever!


She was so fascinated by the pumpkins last year.



Right before a tiny topple-over in the dirt. :)


Thank you guys for roaming with us.  We love you so very much, and will see you again soon.  Anyone up for tacos in Wilmington? :)