We’re still getting inquiries for photo sessions, though I’ve tried to sprinkle our no-longer-shooting updates all over this website. So if you’re looking for a photographer, it cannot be us. This happy boy is our only client these days. If you’d like recommendations for other photographers, feel free to email and ask. :)



Riley will be thirteen months old in just a handful of hours (this was true on the first draft of this post). On his birthday, a bit of our everyday life was filmed by a friend and incredible film maker (and will be shared when we get the final product - UPDATE, the video is here!). During the filming, we (Jordan and I) each did a short parent interview. The idea of this had my stomach in a small knot. For a few reasons - mainly that he would one day watch these interviews as at least a semi-grown person. And what in the world do I say to my little love, as we’re just learning who he is, as a semi-grown-up? Too many things ran through my mind. I had trouble organizing them all.


I envision so many things for him, but mostly I wonder what kind of semi or fully grown-up person he will be. These thoughts include but aren’t limited to (in random order):

  • Does he like sports as much as his dad (or at all)? What teams will he follow if so?
  • Will he continue to love books as much as he does as a toddler?
  • Will those springy curls come back when we finally cut them?
  • Once he’s potty trained, will he still want to take a TP square (which we give him whenever he visits a bathroom to prevent him from uncoiling an entire TP roll) and pretend to clean the entire house with it as he does now?
  • Will he one day say words (Yes, I’m aware I may regret asking this a year from now)?
  • Will he be healthy?
  • Will he ever let us leave him with a babysitter for more than 30 minutes?
  • Who and what will he love?

Okay some of these have obvious answers. Of course he’ll love UNC, right? But seriously. Stomach. In knots. I’ve never been a great speaker. I know this video is a private gig, but I still felt on display. Semi-adult human, remember? Said human has been created by me! I should be at least somewhat presentable with my thoughts. But my thoughts are never organized. I need to type them out first. Delete a line, re-type after revisiting. Come back later, type what I really wanted to say but forgot to add. Find what I wanted to say but went too far into detail about. Reformulate. Include. Exclude. Polish. I don’t do these things well out loud. I ramble and lose my place, and forget. When I attempt to prepare for this and then speak as I’ve written…oh man. No matter how I think it through - I ramble and forget. Notecards schmotecards. I’m a bit of a mess. 

So here, I’ll attempt to answer the most important question I’ve ever been asked to answer about my son: “What kind of man do you want Riley to be?” And likely revisit this post as time passes, to do a bit of polishing as we both grow.


Riley Boone. Please, above all else, this is my wish for you: Be happy, be compassionate, be curious, be fun-loving and maybe even adventurous. None of these things to the detriment of others or yourself.

*Later edit: These sentences in bold. That is my answer. I didn’t get it all out on video, nor did I realize it in the first draft of this blog post. I kept going, when I should’ve realized that this is my elevator pitch about life. 

This is why I titled this post “Belated.” I have something in the works, that will hopefully happen when Ri’s a bit older (probably in school) and I can devote more time to my own personal Mindy project (sorry Kaling). Sadly, belated.com isn’t available for me to use in this project. Unless I want to throw down a spare 80 grand (the appraised amount for said domain), I’ll be working on thinking of another name for it. Just know that if you’re anything like me and have trouble getting things out at the appropriate time, I hear you. And I’m working on something for you.

Now, obligatory photos of my cute kiddo. We have very few from his first birthday party, but these are just enough, and I love them.


‘Til next time… I’ll try not to let too many months pass between now and then.
Hugs & love,

si si si / no way josé

Not doing the whole big wedding thing…been to too many of those.”

My sister’s wise words. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to weddings when I’m witnessing two people I love, showing their love for each other. And come on, any event with cake is going to warrant a giant YES PLEASE to an RSVP. But it’s the love between the couple that I love. The tiny details of the day that are organized for months or sometimes years before the event…these things can be beautiful and done with great love and care. And also a lot of stress. So, I understand my sister’s words.

She and her husband… 

*TIME OUT - is it strange that I’m not freaking out that my youngest baby sister, who I will still call my baby sister when she’s 72 and I’m 82, is now married? It somehow isn’t strange to me. Anyway, my sister and now brother-in-law were married on Saturday June 7th by Jordan Lake. It was just the two of them, Jordan, myself, and Riley as witnesses, and our great best friend Jeffrey officiating. It is one of the most incredible weddings I’ve been to. “Friar Jeffrey” made the ceremony absolutely perfect for these two - funny (nay, hiliarious, as you’ll see by the smiles below), but at the same time sincere and sweet. Perfectly Gabs & Dylan. Evidence of their beautiful day can be found below. View with love.

This tree has always had my heart. These two love birds were perfectly snuggly underneath.



Riley was off to the left of the tree, just out of that first wide shot. I gave him his favorite bag of puffs, and we looked over to find him sadly staring at the ground after a minute or two. Mourning his fallen puffs.


Y’all. This is why we’re only shooting family and super close bestest buds now. Riley goes with us everywhere. Here he is seemingly directing Jordan’s shot. A couple of the resulting shots can be seen just after this one. Absolutely gorgeous. Though later, about halfway through the ceremony, Ri decided to direct my shooting from my hip. The stroller gets boring fairly quickly these days. At 24+ pounds, hip-slinging him and controlling my camera is a serious mental and physical workout.




Fabulous Blue Steel looks, guys.


Jeffrey gave Gabs & Dylan a ride from the big tree down to the lake. I love that we got his Noteables license plate in there. Can’t wait til we’re able to document this day via Noteables!


Riley was a ring-bearer for about 45 seconds, and those seconds were full of cute.


The boys found a great little spot for the ceremony by the lake as the sun was going down.


I’ll have to watch the video that Jordan took to be reminded of Jeffrey’s exact words, but there were shots of Cuervo involved in this ceremony. Before, and after. These two aren’t wine drinkers, so, tequila. It went something along the lines of, if you’re prepared to marry each other, take a shot and then whisper in my ear “Si si si” if yes, or “No way José” if no. Thankfully he heard six Si’s.


These two carefree love birds (Why do I keep calling you birds? Because you’re tweet. Guys it’s late. F’real.) Anywho, these two birds are so laid-back that they left Jeffrey in charge of their vows. They just needed to be genuine. So here they are repeating lines from The Proclaimers famed “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).” No. I am not kidding. It was so hilarious, and so them.






After a lot of laughs, there were shots again. And then some serious marriage advice. And then a kiss or two. And every single bit of it was beautiful.



Celebrations, selfies, and snuggles came after.



And lime tasting! We gave Riley a lime on our last beach trip, and he couldn’t get enough of it. This one was quite a bit more sour I suppose. I promise you we weren’t trying to torture him. Whenever he’s curious about something we have, we let him explore it (assuming it’s safe - he got none of the Cuervo guys, don’t worry). 


Oh, you guys! PS - Your official wedding time was 7:20pm. I checked the time stamp on the pics. :)





We’d already packed the cameras away when Jeffrey busted out a song in the parking lot for their first dance. iPhones to the rescue! Super cute you guys. 


I love these rings, and the people attached to the fingers where they now live.


Gabs & Dylan - I started to sit here and write out a heartfelt message about marriage and a few things it entails. But honestly, I have faith that all you two need to hear is this: love each other. Always. No matter what you’re feeling - in sickness, health, happiness or frustration. Do everything with love, and you’ll get through anything. I’m proud of you Gabs, for going after what makes you happy in life. Do that always, both of you. We love you. And in the words of Riley (seriously), “Blah blah blah blah.” Hugs hugs hugs and more hugs with love.