Hi friends and blog readers. I have some news to share with you, but I wanted to start this post with a fun photo of our Ri-guy. Mainly because this post has a lot to do with him, and of course because he’s so darn cute. Right? He loves when we put our hats on his head and any chance he gets to cruise around beyond normal crawl speed is pretty exciting. So here is our Riley Boone running to say hello to you. Now, onto our news.

To get straight to the point (because I tend to write a lot, but for the skimmers I don’t want you to miss it), we are no longer booking photo sessions. This wasn’t something we really planned before Riley came along, though I did intend to take a nice break from our business. Having this break and time with him though, it’s opened my eyes to a lot of things. There are two big reasons, along with many smaller ones, why we are no longer officially shooting. The biggest one being I want to enjoy photography like I used to. The risk you take when running a business that spun off from a very passionate hobby is, often times it starts to feel more like work than something you enjoy. That’s been the case for the past three years for me personally. Each year it weighs a little more heavily on my heart.

Now listen…I love, love love photography. I’ve enjoyed documenting so much of your lives, and our own lives, before and after Riley, and have photo books and photo boxes and albums and extensive wall collages and digital files on a number of hard drives you might find hard to believe. I love that being in this business has connected us with so many other photographers who are incredibly talented and wonderful people. I love hiring those people to take photos of us, and our house is filled with those gorgeous images along with our own. And thankfully since I’ve been running this business and understand “why photographers charge so much,” I’m happy to pay these talented people what they deserve. This whole movement to get moms in photos with their families instead of behind the camera all the time? No problem here - we’re a well-documented family as a whole, and I’m so proud of that. And I love photographing us too.

What I do not love is the business side of things. That’s true for many - do a bit of googling on the statistics of successful photography businesses if you’re interested. A whopping majority of them fail. 85% in the first three years, I’ve read. Three out of five don’t make it to their fifth year, another study finds. For various reasons of course, but I don’t consider ours a failing business. We have such a wonderful group of clients and people who have supported us since I started shooting in 2006. We still have people requesting sessions as soon as we’re ready to start shooting again. I’m a little sad to tell those folks that we’re no longer booking sessions.

If we do get back to shooting, it’s going to be years from now when Riley is older and in school, and on a very limited part-time basis. He’s reason number two. I’m so lucky to be able to stay home with him and focus on only that. I know many photographers who multi-task extremely well. Many of them with a child or several children at home, and I marvel at how well they stay organized and keep on shooting. I’m perfectly okay with the fact that that is not who I am. I cannot be the best mom and wife I can be while trying to run a photography business at the same time. The best thing is, I realize this. Even better, most of our clients understand this.

That’s it you guys. The big news. I’m a little sad to say it publicly, but quite a bit relieved. If you’d like to keep up with us as a family, I’ll be posting images occasionally. Whether it’s here or on a separate blog, I haven’t decided. I’ll be honest and say that on occasion we’ll shoot some very casual images for close friends and family, and those images may end up here as well. Those photos though, they will be strictly for fun. Probably using the new gift economy pricing model that we never publicly unveiled because well, we just didn’t get there. I ran out of juice on the business end, y’all. We’re getting back to the basics. The fun stuff. Refilling the creative juices? Okay that just sounds weird. And now I want some pineapple juice. If you have any questions or would like any referrals, please let us know. Just know that we don’t do cheap, and anyone we’re willing to recommend is going to be worth whatever they’re asking. We promise.

We love you guys. Thank you for supporting us, in every way, all of these years.

JAM out.

Jordan + Mindy + Riley

Hello blog world, we’re still here! I’ve been wanting to post a pour-my-heart-out kind of post about…well, everything. Life and business mainly, and how we want to change things and the direction we’re going with our photography business. It’s hard to write such things and really get out what I’d like to say in the limited time I have to write these days. So for now, we’ll stick with an update on just us. Our lives at home, and away from home. Still all about our little Ri guy. 

A lot has happened since our last update. Mainly our kiddo, like all others in the world, is growing up way too fast. The cliche saying is true. See below for proof. :)

These days Riley is: 

rolling around, sitting up, trying so hard to crawl, eating people foods, babbling away, losing the last of his baby hair and growing blondies in place, loving to bounce and be tossed around (adrenaline junkie in the works), and being such an amazing tiny person


 He’s still a master at expressing himself, for sure.


He’s seen his first snow, and is not a fan. He’s our little beach babe, taking after his parents. 



We’ve tried many foods, avocado being the first. After getting past the texture, he was a pretty big fan. 



He also loves some banana in his little squishy squeezer thing (seriously, I have no idea what the actual name for this is). 


 Jordan managed to catch his initial “what is this weird feeling stuff in my mouth” face. Often mistaken for an “eww this is gross” face, but most of the time this isn’t the case. The only thing he hasn’t been a big fan of so far is sweet potatoes. We’ll keep trying them though. :)


 Playtime is much more fun, and vertical, these days.



 We’re still in love with owlie, though he seems to be shrinking next to Riley.


 Along with us parents, he’s had lots of auntie time, especially with Aunt Gabby.


We’ve been going to a My SweetArts music & arts class on Mondays. My dad asked, “Wait a minute, he’s already getting music lessons?” Well, he’s obsessed with listening to his daddy play guitar and beating on things, so in this class he gets to listen and play on an actual drum. And eat a few instruments, too. Sweet! 



And the biggest new thing? His first airplane ride. To Las Vegas. For his daddy’s birthday. As a gift to his dad, he slept almost the entire flights there and back. Go Riley go! And Aunt Gabs got to join us. It was great fun. 



 The aquarium at Mandalay Bay, and Bellagio’s light show. Some of our favorite Vegas things. Along with the food. And Aria. And Aria’s smell.




And that is all I’ll write for now, as Ri is reaching and chatting for/at me. Gonna go snuggle our little dude and go for a walk. Til next time, y’all. Business update coming before too long, I promise. :)

~JAM + Ri-toast

We're Here | Growing Riley

There isn’t much time for blogging these days. I’m definitely shooting a lot, but my subject is almost always Riley Boone and his daddy. I’m okay with that right now. My creative brain has gone from work mode to play mode, which is exactly what it needed. I’m missing you clients this holiday season especially, but also loving that you’re finding other folks to capture what you and your families are doing this year. That’s the most important thing. Keep documenting your lives in any way you can. This bit of time off is giving me some space to do that with our “little dude,” and I’m so thankful. Here’s a brief look at what we’ve been up to since my last personal post in early October.

Riley watched his first Appalachian football game, and was part of our group photo in Blowing Rock homecoming weekend. Along with his little lady friend, Elliot. Yay, kids!



Ri loves bath time, naked time, and any other time that allows him to kick his legs freely and oh-so-swiftly. Until very recently, he’s loved traveling about in our Maya wrap kangaroo-style. Now he’s so long he likes to sit up on my hip! The image of him passed out with Jordan at the computer is one of the funniest damn things I’ve seen. Ri also loves his babysitters, Tasha and Michelle. Below he can be found sporting Tasha’s UNC Rugby sweatshirt. Loads of cute.



We found the cutest shark outfit for Ri’s first Halloween. The first thing Jordan thought of for his own costume was, of course, chief Brody from Jaws. Best father-son Halloween photo ever. Jordan made the boat you guys. Of scrap cardboard and colored duct tape. On Halloween day. The man amazes me.


In the top ten photos I’ve taken of these two. Love this so much.


Bath time is the best time!



If you can’t laugh at this series, you must be having a horrible day. The kid is one of the most expressive little humans I’ve ever known. He has us rolling, daily.


He’s just recently started to really reach for things, and study them so very closely.


Gah, that little grin. I feel like a melty marshmallow every time he grins at us like this.


We’ve picked out our first tree as a family of three. Can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with my little family.


I think Riley’s excited, too. :)


We hope you all are enjoying the holiday season. We’ll see you next year!

~JAM + Riley B