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There isn’t much time for blogging these days. I’m definitely shooting a lot, but my subject is almost always Riley Boone and his daddy. I’m okay with that right now. My creative brain has gone from work mode to play mode, which is exactly what it needed. I’m missing you clients this holiday season especially, but also loving that you’re finding other folks to capture what you and your families are doing this year. That’s the most important thing. Keep documenting your lives in any way you can. This bit of time off is giving me some space to do that with our “little dude,” and I’m so thankful. Here’s a brief look at what we’ve been up to since my last personal post in early October.

Riley watched his first Appalachian football game, and was part of our group photo in Blowing Rock homecoming weekend. Along with his little lady friend, Elliot. Yay, kids!



Ri loves bath time, naked time, and any other time that allows him to kick his legs freely and oh-so-swiftly. Until very recently, he’s loved traveling about in our Maya wrap kangaroo-style. Now he’s so long he likes to sit up on my hip! The image of him passed out with Jordan at the computer is one of the funniest damn things I’ve seen. Ri also loves his babysitters, Tasha and Michelle. Below he can be found sporting Tasha’s UNC Rugby sweatshirt. Loads of cute.



We found the cutest shark outfit for Ri’s first Halloween. The first thing Jordan thought of for his own costume was, of course, chief Brody from Jaws. Best father-son Halloween photo ever. Jordan made the boat you guys. Of scrap cardboard and colored duct tape. On Halloween day. The man amazes me.


In the top ten photos I’ve taken of these two. Love this so much.


Bath time is the best time!



If you can’t laugh at this series, you must be having a horrible day. The kid is one of the most expressive little humans I’ve ever known. He has us rolling, daily.


He’s just recently started to really reach for things, and study them so very closely.


Gah, that little grin. I feel like a melty marshmallow every time he grins at us like this.


We’ve picked out our first tree as a family of three. Can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with my little family.


I think Riley’s excited, too. :)


We hope you all are enjoying the holiday season. We’ll see you next year!

~JAM + Riley B

Riley + the beach

While technically not our first beach trip (we spent one night at Wrightsville when Ri was nearly 4 weeks old), this was our first big trip, with our very bestest friends, the AKs. They drove all the way to the NC coast from Missouri. Whoa guys. I think it’s safe to say they’ll fly next time. :) But all of the Riley cuddles, (three) dollar tacos, mocha shakes, and beach time were worth it, I’m sure. We miss you guys, and have since the second we drove away. Here are some fun highlights from our trip! 






















Ri's Room

This is a place I could stay in all afternoon. The light in there is just perfect later in the day, and it’s so cheerful and fun but not too over-the-top. It’s Riley Boone’s room. He’s still sleeping in our room at night, but we’re slowly moving him in here for daytime naps (when they last longer than 10-15 minutes). I’m going to miss him when he’s in there full-time. Thank goodness for video monitors and being fortunate enough to be gifted one. :)

You might have noticed I’m a big fan of color. We started with a pretty gray on the walls, and the plan was to add pops of color all over, starting with the orange closet. The first thing purchased was the rug, before we even knew if Ri was a little he or she. So, most of the colors came from there. The giant giraffe was given to me by Jordan’s mamma a few years ago for Christmas, because I’ve always wanted a giraffe of my very own (I’m serious. A live giraffe. In my back yard.) Now I’m sharing it with Ri-guy.


 That cute little silhouette there is actually Jordan’s own from when he was a little one. I love that it’s in Riley’s room now.


The owl decal was a shower gift, and I love it in the little closet nook. I picture Riley crawling around his room one day, and having a little space in his closet floor to play. So, it’s perfect there. :)


This rocking chair…it’s now rocked six generations of my family. I remember when it was in my great grandparents’ bedroom, upholstered in red velvety fabric. My sister and I would take turns rocking, and play with our Nenaw’s fancy hairbrushes. My granddaddy had the chair reupholstered three years ago, and even rebuilt and repaired some of it. Then he gifted it to us for our wedding. I’ve always known it would go in our kiddo’s room one day, and it fits perfectly in there.


Riley’s book collection is…well, rather large. There are lots more downstairs in our little library/sunroom/playroom space. Teaching preschool and nannying helped build my collection, but I have a bit of an obsession with beautifully designed and sometimes quirky children’s books. They’re my favorite things to seek out in old bookstores.

Oh, and the Cornbread paintings (below on the right)…my dad started collecting these and has gifted them to us. They’re my favorite outsider art pieces, and I love them in here. Especially next to the vintage embroidered canvas from my great grandmother’s house.





Some of our favorite things from trips we’ve taken are stashed on these little shelves. The daddy book from Asheville, the Air Zoo toy from our trip to Kalamazoo, and the Humu fish from our trip to Maui. 


This was the first really long nap Ri has taken in his room, and he didn’t mind me in there snapping away with my loud camera one bit. So I had to snap some of him, too. :)




That big empty wall space behind Ri’s crib will soon be filled with a collage of Riley photos. We just have to finalize our frame and print choices. See, photographers take their time doing that, too. Get those images off of your computer/devices and onto your walls, folks. I’ll post a tiny update when we do!